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To be that creative!

I saw an interesting documentary on TV the other night.  It was all about future technologies and in some instances not so future.  Some of the stuff I thought “Yeah right!” but some of it made total sense! 


How clever are some people that inhabit this earth?  They must really be creative to have come up with some of those ideas, or even to think that it might be possible.  Some of them might just be a bit loony toones though.


There were two items that really appealed to me.


The first was about a girl who worked in one city but lived in the other.  It was fascinating, they had set up cameras pointing outwards from “her” desk and relayed this feed back to her computer in another city.  She could then see what she would normally have seen if she were sitting at her desk.  In the example they had she answered the phone, her boss walked in and she was able to tell the person calling that he had just walked into the office and she could put the person through.  I suppose it would work the other way, if he walked out she would also know.  They had put a large screen on the desk in her old office, with a camera pointed at her new chair so a life sized version of her was “sitting at the desk” (am I making any sense?).  I thought it was amazing, because the feed back was so immediate and the links were so good.  It means you could virually live anywhere, no matter where your office was.


The other thing that impressed me was Vertical Farms.  I can’t explain it properly but I have found a website about it.


It must be amazing to be that creative.l


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