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Something to look forward to!

I love hiking – I might have mentioned it once or twice on this blog before…..


Well we used to go quite a bit.  There was a stage where we were going on weekend hikes every six weeks or so and then….. nothing.  We just stopped going, or I just stopped going.  Actually I am not really sure what happened.  I suppose we got animals and responsibilities and life just got in the way?


Well, that is all going to change!!!!  I am already scheduled to go on two hikes this year – and I can’t wait.  This time though they are going to be longer hikes.  5 or 6 day hikes.  The best kind!  I like them because you really feel like you are getting a holiday and away from it all!  You get to really relax!


I am so excited! 


The one is a trail I have done a number of times before, but never all in one sitting.  It is quite close to where we live so it is the one we usually break down into weekend sections.  This time we are doing 5 days all in one go!  Whoo hooo.  It is the Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail.  My sister will be down from England so it will be awesome to do it with her and my mom and my husband, amongst others.


The other trail is one that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but it is usually booked out quite far in advance.  So this time we booked quite far in advance.  It is called the Whale Trail and is in the Western Cape.  The best time of year to go is July – October because you are almost guaranteed to see whales frolicking along the coast!  It is also a 5 day trail.


They should both be fantastic!!!

7 thoughts on “Something to look forward to!

  1. Oh, the second day of the Tzitzikamma Trail is hard! But of course, you’re much fitter than I’ve ever been, so it should be a breeze for you! It’s a lovely trail.

    One of my goals once I’m down to a reasonable weight is to start hiking again.

  2. Both sound awesome! Looking forward to seeing some gorgeous picx…. hopefully of some whales, if possible, that would be so cool!

    Do you backpack all your gear and sleep in tents?

  3. You and Hayley are so alike it`s scary. She still talks about the Tsitsikamma Trail .

    I hope you enjoy it!

  4. AWESOME! Enjoy that hike (and the whales!!)… forget the swim, I don’t mind… hike some for me too! AND please post fotos!

  5. Thanks all, I will be sure to post pictures. We are doing the 1st one in April and the second only in August!
    Hanlie – when ever you are ready!!
    Charisa – I most definitly will.
    Jennifer – We usually backpack our gear, but we are able to sleep in huts provided. On the Whale Trail they also provide things like cutlerly, crockery etc – PURE LUXURY
    RA – I am sure we will
    Bree – I skipped that swim… and I will post photos. I love seeing the ones on your blog!

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