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Damn cat!

I thought I had better write another post today, so that the first thing people saw was not me moaning!


Last night it was very hot, I don’t have a problem with that, Mr OL on the other had does.  He can’t sleep when it is hot so last night he was tossing and turning.  He just had a sheet over him and with all the rolling over his feet must have been wriggling underneath.  The cat in all his innocence (uhmm right) must have thought this was a game because the next thing I hear is a loud screech (Mr OL) and then a thump followed another loud screech (the cat Bacardi) followed by loud meouwing and running down the passage (also the cat).


Bacardi had pounced on Mr OL’s foot, claws out.  Mr OL screeched and threw a shoe at the cat, just missing.  The cat then started back chatting!  He he!  I was trying to stifle the laughter.  Luckily through all the swearing I don’t’ think it was heard. 


Mr OL was still muttering about the damn cat this morning when we got up. 


Although who could stay mad at a face like this for very long???

Who me??





7 thoughts on “Damn cat!

  1. This is not a regular occurance in your home? Our Pepper gets in a toe-biting and batting mood between 5 and 6 every morning… Fortunately she enjoys Craig’s toes more than mine!

  2. Hanlie – he also gets in that mood but usually waits till we are walking around barefoot to the bathroom or something. We have come to expect that. Every now and then he will take his chances while we are still in bed, but he has never managed to get quite this result.
    MS – he was also a stray, but has now been with us for about 7 months.
    Charisa – just as well he is so cute, because he is a little terrorist! He needs some redeming features. We love him to bits though and can’t imagine our house before him. The dogs still aren’t too sure as he terrorises our German Shepherd. It is funny to watch.
    RG & Hayley – Thanks

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