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Out of office – back in 5 minutes!

You know when something starts to irritate you it just gets worse and worse.  Well that is happening to me!


This is going to be a moan post, so be warned.


Opposite my office is an open meeting area where some of my colleagues have lunch – my fault totally as I started it.  I thought it would be better to eat there than in my office.  Yes, I know only a meter away but at least it was a change of scenery.


The problem now is that one of the women I work with eats there on a regular basis, but it is not the eating that is the problem.  It is what she does after she has eaten.  She SUCKS her teeth, or at least I can only assume that that is what she is doing.  That is what it sounds like.  This then carries on for about 5 minutes, VERY loudly and about every 25 – 30 seconds.  URGH!!!  It is so bad that I have now had to time the start of my coffee and lunch breaks so that they coincide with her sucking!  Yes, this happens twice a day – thank fully she only works till 2; I don’t think I could cope in the afternoon as well.  So now I go to the kitchen to prepare my lunch at about that time.  My other colleagues have also mentioned that I am a lot friendlier lately.  I tend to go walkabouts around the offices until she has gone back to her desk.


The second or third time it happened I went and asked if she was ok?  She looked at me blankly.  I told her she was making a noise and I just wanted to check that she was not choking or something (yeah right).  She just laughed and carried on sucking.  Hmmm, so that did not work….


I suppose there is only one way to handle this politely and that is to keep getting up from my desk and going on walkabouts twice a day?  I mean you can’t exactly tell somebody to stop making a noise or buy her a gift of dental floss, or false teeth glue or whatever might solve the problem – although I have thought about it!


Edited to add:  I wonder what I do that really irritates my co-workers?  Hmm, maybe should find out and work on correcting that before I critise others….


8 thoughts on “Out of office – back in 5 minutes!

  1. You’re pretty much screwed… You’ll just have to keep on walking. I can’t handle people who sniff. And it’s amazing how many people do so while serving the public!

  2. Back in the UK, I had a manager that had a bit of a BO issue. He also had a small, hot office and… well… you can only begin to imagine.

    It took one of the junior staff to approach him over the issue – with a Christmas card left on his desk, which read:

    Dear [name],

    You stink.

    The Lab.

    Shit hit fan and his personal hygiene never changed.

    In summary: anonymous letters don’t work.

  3. Hanlie – yes, that is also a pet peeve of mine. But one of my all time favouites is chewing of and popping gum constantly!!! Ahhghhhh. This is however ranking up there.
    6000 – so no letters, not even camoflaged as a Christmas Card, although I am a bit late for that one anyway.

  4. Hi there! So nice to find another South African blogger (thanks to Max from PE who has posted a nice little list of South Africans!) I am Eleanor from Pretoria and I have many faults but I don’t suck my teeth! I enjoyed your amusing entry!

  5. You could just wait and let it fester til it pops out. That happened with my grade partner. She knew I couldn’t stand listening to people chew gum, and we would complain about how disgusting the students are when they chew but, she continued to do the same thing. Then we were at a grade-level meeting (about 6 teachers plus the principal) and I didn’t understand what the principal was telling us; when someone asked what I thought about it, I let out, “I don’t know what I think because I can’t think with all the talking and gum cracking!!” Silence. She sighed dramatically, got up to throw out her gum, and left the room a few minutes later. Everyone started laughing – because they hated it too!!!!! It blew over between us, but she still does it, and once she and the principal compared tips for how to crack it really loudly. Classy.

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