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The Best Job in the World is going to be mine!

I am typing out my resignation letter.  I have found my dream job.  I believe that all my life I have been training for this job and can see NO reason why it shall not be mine.  I have all the necessary qualifications and more than enough experience.  The location suits me perfectly and I would not even mind the commute.  Mr OL has even grudging agreed to relocate!


Ok, there might be a bit of a fight for it as I believe there have been quite a few applicants – slightly over a Million at last count – but who am I to let a little thing like competition get in my way.


Bloody Hell – in fact there would be a lot more swearing if I was that kind of girl!  I WANT, no I NEED this job!  It HAS to be mine!


I don’t think they were lying when they advertised it as “The Best Job in the World”.  This is one heck of a marketing campaign – it is absolutely brilliant!  I think the response has far outweighed even what they were expecting though. 


Now, just because I am telling you all about it does not mean that you must rush off and apply!  I think I will have a fair amount of competition as it is!


Go and have a look at this for a job description!


Once I have applied though I will need your help to get it though.

15 thoughts on “The Best Job in the World is going to be mine!

  1. allie – I will
    Hanlie – I have NO idea. probably pot luck to get to the final 50 and from there whoever meets their criterea. Probably most popular videos.

    Some people are really taking this to extremmes though. One girl went and got a huge tatoo all across her arm! Nuts

  2. Hey OL and wish you best of luck. It’s apparently a really nice island. My husband worked there for some time as a dive instructor. If you get it I’ll come and visit you. 🙂

  3. They offered it to me… meh… I turned it down.
    No DSTV = no footy.

    2000 hits a second on the website suggests your confidence may be misplaced.

  4. RG – I think I could cope.
    6000 – you think????? The fact that over a million people applied within the 1st 3 days might also suggest that I would have a bit of a fight on my hands.

  5. Groover – it is an awesome island. I lived in Australia in 1998/1999 and travelled up and down the east coast for about 2 -3 months. I love that area, but swore I would never return unless it was to live and work!
    Lisa – Pity there are not more like that!

  6. Oh I so hope you get it, shoot, only a million people already wanting it… you GOT IT 🙂

    LOVE this post, totally reminded me to chase the things we want so bad no matter the million of reasons it might not happen!

    Way to dream woman and my prayers are said for you! GET IT! and let us know!!

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