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It’s true – your first time is rubbish!

I know I keep comparing training for this Ironman to the training I did for the last time, but still!  Wow, training the second time round is so much better.


On Saturday I went for my first long ride.  Well, my first ride over 100km since 2007 and it went surprisingly well!  We did 110km and our average speed was 25.5km/h.  I am pretty impressed with this because the ride included to pretty serious hills.  I keep remembering back to my last long training rides and can’t believe the difference.  Last time I went over 100km in a training ride it was with my sister, and we did 2 laps of the Ironman route (the race is 3 laps) and when we got of the bike at my mom’s house we felt like we were nearly dead. We basically fell of and lay on my mom’s front verge for about 35 minutes before we could walk again.  Our average speed had been about 19km/h!  We only went over 100km in training twice before the race.  How the HELL did I ever finish???????? 


This time I still have 11 weeks left and will probably (weather and all depending) ride over 100km at least 5 – 6 times.  We are planning on doing 150 in the next couple of weeks.  I think I will be so much more prepared this time!  I have already cycled double the distance I did before the last race.


I also think the extra cycling is actually helping my running.  I have never (and am still not) a fast runner, but my speed is definitely getting better.  The changes are quite noticeable – well to me at least!


The only thing that has not changed is my weight!  I know it is not all about weight and that muscle is heavier than fat – wadda wadda waddda.  BUT STILL!!!!!  You would think with all this training there would be some improvement!!!!  Because I saw no change on the scale I took to measuring myself instead!  The first measurements were taken mid December and then again a month later – mid January!  Humph, yip there was change – my butt got 3 freakin centimeters bigger.  How the ……….


8 thoughts on “It’s true – your first time is rubbish!

  1. Meh – if you’re feeling better/fitter/faster, then measurements don’t matter.

    P.S. Thanks for clearing up that mid-January is a month after mid-December. I had like to be confuzled about that.

  2. Very exciting that your Ironman is in 11 weeks! I will enjoy reading about your training and such. I am FREAKING out! The full Ironman distance is seemingly impossible these days (one, may ask why I didn’t think of that BEFORE signing up…)

    We went to South Africa this summer (safari, of course) It was life changing and beautiful, but I am sure you hear that all the time. My hubby has pictures up at that link on my blog if you are interested in peeking (he is not a professional and doesn’t sell them, so this isn’t some sneaky spam comment :o) )

    Good luck to you and happy training!

  3. Awesome on the bike!! And I’ll throw this out there – would you rather be super skinny and super slow on the bike, or super strong and fast on the bike? 🙂 I think your weight is probably fine. And being stronger on the bike WILL help your run – because you won’t be as tired when you run off the bike. Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. Well done! So happy for you that the training is going so well.

    Ps. I was watching highlights of the BSG Triathlon in PE the other day, hoping to catch a glimpse of OL. Nothing though, you must`ve finished before the tv crew got there… 😀

  5. Okay, I am over being impressed. I admit you are now hero status. That is brilliant!

    The butt thing? That is just wrong! One of your commenters infers butt-spread comes from cycling? Perils of the sport? Argh!!! But I bet you have a tight butt even if its weensy bit bigger than a month ago!! LOL

  6. Wow, you’re impressive! As an exercise novice I really admire your commitment. I won’t ever do what you’re doing, but I want to train for a 5K at some stage in the distant future!

    I don’t have an answer for your butt conundrum… I just hope all this exercise makes ME smaller!

  7. 6000 – You are right the only measurements that count are the speed and distance on my bike, run or swim.
    RBR – Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. Glad you liked SA. And I know, what were we thinking!!!
    Lisa – a “perk” of the job??
    Charisa – much rather strong!!!
    RG – Finished well before the crew got there of course! Uhmm, actually think they had left by the time I got to the end.
    Melody – I am hoping it is just a shift, more than an increase???? Wishfull thinking maybe?
    Hanlie – thanks. I think you are doing fantastically well to and am very impressed!

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