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My latest art work

Here is my latest creative effort.  It is a charcoal drawing on paper and I copied a photograph that one of the children from the EP Child and Youth Care center took when I let them play around with my camera.

I battled a bit taking a photo of it as there was a glare from the glass.  Here are two photo’s so hopefully you get the idea, the one looks a bit blurry and the other has reflections on it.  I think I should stick to the drawing and leave the photography for the kids.


12 thoughts on “My latest art work

  1. RG – Thanks, and yip, I agree the photography – this time not so much.
    Hayley – thanks
    Hanlie – thanks – and a great
    Jennifer – thank you very much!

  2. Okay, you draw too? Sjoe – I am no art critic but that pic certainly appeals greatly to me. Well done! do post more as you do them okay? Do you only work in charcoal or have you done other mediums?

  3. Melody – Thank you, mostly I paint in oils, but love charcoal, pencil and pen as well. I have tried pastels too, but prefer charcoal.

    If you click on the link on the left that says Paintings I have one or two others there. (maybe only one?)

  4. Very cool. This was from a photo you published of Joyce a while back, yes? Is she someone who volunteers with you?

    Also, you’re showing good flexibility in that second reflection. Perhaps that’s a better way of gauging your progress than any of those pesky bum or weight measurements.

  5. Charisa – thanks
    6000 – yes, it is from the photo of Joyce that I posted a while back. She is employed as a cleaner at the centre, specifically at the cottage where we volunteer. She spends a lot of time with the kids and really seems to care greatly about them.
    All I can say is YOGA!

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