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She prefers 2-ply

Daisy has discovered new trick.  One that is become rather costly!


Unfortunately I don’t really have anyone to blame but myself.  When a toilet roll was finished we used to give her the empty cardboard roll to play with.  She loves them and used to chase them, chew them and play with them.


Then she got bored – we obviously were not using enough toilet rolls, contrary to popular belief I am not that full of sh#t after all.  Being the clever little Border Collie that she is she discovered a constant supply, however she has progressed, she is no longer happy with the empty rolls.  She is stealing full rolls of toilet paper!  Let me explain, we have the roll on the holder and then additional rolls next to the toilets in little wicker baskets.  It is these rolls that she is now stealing.


Last week I went out into the garden and it looked like it was covered in confetti!  At first I did not understand what was happening, but after the second roll I soon cottoned on. 


After the 4th roll, we learnt (clearly not as quickly as my dog) that we needed to move all the toilet rolls.  I thought that would solve the problem, until yesterday when I caught her pulling on the roll that was on the holder.  Hmmmmm, I see trouble ahead.

Daisy - much younger and looking like butter would not melt!
Daisy - much younger and looking like butter would not melt!

9 thoughts on “She prefers 2-ply

  1. We have a naughty little cat who seems convinced that any roll of paper towel is a menace that must be stopped. If he gets a hold of one he will try to disembowel it with his hind claws. We have had lots of “confetti” in our kitchen, as a result.

  2. I have a lab and 2 jack russells. I keep a roll of hand towels on my kitchen counter, my lab is very fond of jumping up and stealing the roll and very graciously handing it over to the other 2 who take great pleasure to ripping it into confetti for me. You can imagine when I get outside and find my grass covered in white. Yay tissue snow. And you will find my lab sitting in the mess looking utterly innocent and one of the JR with the empty towel holder and the littlest of the 2 lying on the lab sleeping. Enough Said!!!

  3. Wiggy – thanks for stopping by.
    Kirsten – so you feel my pain? Luckily my cats are being pretty well behaved at present.
    Dayan – the innocent look, they seem very good at that!
    Firefly – at least she is a border collie. If I was being outsmarted by a spaniel or something like that I would be getting worried.
    Eileen – thanks for commenting. Nice to see you here.

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