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Respect for my elders?

I overtook somebody on my ride on Sunday.  I know it is not nice to brag at somebody else’s expense, but woo hoo!  I passed somebody.  Not just one somebody, a group of cyclists, well four of them to be exact.  This is an absolute first – I was even going up a hill.  The same hill that 6 months ago I was pushing my bike up.  I must be getting better?  Please, please, please let me be getting better.


Anyway, I passed them, I let them know I was about to pass.  They were weaving a bit and I did not want them to crash into me, I did however not say much else (puffing too much to talk).  Then just over the crest of the hill I heard some shouting and they caught up to me.  The one man said “That was very inconsiderate and rude, the way you passed us like that.”  Hmmm, oops, did I break some cyclist’s secret code on passing or something.  I felt a bit guilty until one of the other guys said “Yes, very rude, you showed no consideration for age, passing us the way you did.”  Phew, they were joking.  We chatted a bit and then they turned off.


So, I finally managed to overtake somebody on a hill AND I don’t care that he was about 60 in the shade. 


11 thoughts on “Respect for my elders?

  1. This is only a slight improvement on the post that you were going to do about going past that pack of about 2000 people.
    As you cycled past South End Cemetary….

  2. I thought it was gonna be something like my running story where I was accosted by a 70 year old walker. Scary indeed…

  3. Ok – Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is the first time I have heard that expression. I see you got the clustrmap to work
    6000 – see youve’ been doing some research (not work related). And yes, it was a slight improvement on that day.
    RG – running I am very used to being over taken by old folk (although my mom would kill me if she heard me call her that). Jokes, she is 63 and I still am unable to beat her! It was my goal for 2008, but might now have to try in 2009.

  4. I love the whole cameraderie thing with runners and walkers too! Craig and I go walking / running at Rondebosch Common twice a week and I was surprised to see that everyone greets everyone else when they pass. How civilized!

  5. Firefly – P E is not that big….. I am sure to spot you sometime.
    Emil – no comment
    Charisa – I know, great fun!!

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