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She is a nut!

I have decided that I might just be the sane one in my family after all! 


I got an email from my sister today saying that she is thinking of swimming the English Channel next year!  Now I am sorry, that is just plain madness.  It is not so much that you have to swim at least 31 kilometers depending on the tides and stuff but you have to do it without a wetsuit – and that water is cold!  Flippen cold!!!!


I like open water swimming, in fact I am a big fan of open water swimming but I need my wetsuit!  For some reason it is like my safety blanket.  I feel protected in it.  I don’t think I can actually swim in the sea without it!  Well, I know I can as I did my first season of triathlon without one, but now I don’t want to.


I like the buoyancy, the warmth and the protection from stingy things it gives me.  I know it is not going to help much with the larger bitey things (for that I’ll just have to keep my eyes closed) but I feel safe(ish).


So, all in all I have decided my sister is mad!  Her email to the family did send my husband into a panic though.  He apparently mailed her back and asked what the heck she was doing to him?  Just shows what he thinks of me!  Thinking I would want to join her, although in truth my first response had been “Can I join you” but sanity prevailed and I deleted that and wrote back – “That sounds awesome, good luck”


10 thoughts on “She is a nut!

  1. There are very strict conditions about what you can and can’t wear to make the crossing a valid attempt. Anything with bouyancy is out. They even go so far as to state thate you may only wear one swim cap and one costume. You are allowed to smear your body with lard (or something similar). I suppose when the crossing was first attempted their were no wetsuits so they now are just keeping it true to the orginal conditions?

    However even in most true open water swim competitions you are not allowed to wear wetsuits. Generally it is only triathletes that wear wetsuits in competition and the sea temp has to be between certain temperatures for that to be allowed as well.

    If you go to the website I linked it gives all the rules and regulations.

  2. Well – no sharks, at least.
    Not (wo)man-eating ones, anyway.

    It’s just the shipping you’ve got to watch out for. Or it has to watch out for you.

    Then there’s the other bit… the really bad bit… the bit where you finish… France. Ewww.

  3. Charisa, I don’t think so. She was chatting to somebody at her local pool that was training to do it. And then met up with a group of triathletes who were also discussing doing it. And I agree – pretty neat. But she is still mad!
    6000 – You could always swim back again? Apparently some people actually do that. Or you could start in France and land in England?

  4. Just the idea of jumping into water that is colder then 30 degrees Celsius without at least a 3 mm full body wetsuit sounds completely insane to me … then again, I’m a complete wuss when it comes to cold water! 🙂
    Good luck to your sister, though. It is a pretty impressive thing to do.

  5. MS – I agree, too cold and much too long! But yes, it would be a huge accomplishment.
    Groover – I am also a complete baby when it comes to cold water, and freeze in the heated indoor pools. I think this is one time when sanity on my part will prevail and I will have no part of this!

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