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Where do I send the dry cleaning bill?

In not generally a messy or clumsy person; although my husband might argue about the messy part. 


But what I mean is I am not generally messy when it comes to eating or drinking.  I don’t usually mess stuff on me – that is until this week!  I just don’t know what has happened?  It seem the nicer I try and dress the more I mess on myself!


This week I have decided to make a concerted effort to dress smart for work.  And what happens?  Monday, some where between getting changed and arriving at work I have an oily mark on my pants.  Not sure how it got there, but just know it was not there when I put them on in the morning.  One of the girls I work with very helpfully told me if you put dishwashing liquid on the mark, rub it in and wash it off again the stain will disappear.  That was all very well and fine, and it did actually work, but EVERYBODY in the office was laughing at me.  I ended up soaking my entire leg for a stain that was the size of a 50c piece. 


Then yesterday, I put on a lovely white top.  It stayed white till lunch time.  My delicious salad wrap decided that the juicy tomato would look better on my tummy than in my tummy!  Hmmm – fresh tomato does not come out of a white top with out scrubbing, and a wet white top at work is nota good idea.  So the tomato (and humus for good measure) stayed.


But I think today topped it all of.  I went to a funeral this morning so was wearing a black dress.  I put a longish beaded necklace on to break the black and thought I looked pretty good.  When I got back from the funeral I was starving.  I heated up a bowl of veggie soup, put it down on my desk and sat down.  As I was sitting down my lovely, long necklace landed in my soup and as I pulled it out the soup splattered all over my dress – from the neck line to the hem.  I think my boss heard me swearing!  Oops!!!1


From now on I am wearing casual!


7 thoughts on “Where do I send the dry cleaning bill?

  1. Hi Jane (?) do i have that right?

    Your post made me laugh. Just the sort of thing that would happen to me – tom sauce on my white blouse and long dangly necklace in soup – i’ve had mine in my hot choc and tea before!

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Shayne – nice to meet you too – and today I’m wearing a chocker.
    Charisa – I thought I would try 1/2 way, today it is grey???? Lets see what happens. And thanks.

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