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4 the Kids

Our company made a commitment last year to support one of the children’s homes in our area.  Besides the monetary contribution the company made they gave a commitment that going forward we would assist the children on a weekly basis with things like home work and stuff like that.  We were each given one or two afternoon a month when we could go and do this.

Some of the girls!
Some of the girls!





The commitment from the company has not changed.  The commitment from my fellow co-workers however is APPALLING!  Now, this is not time that you have to take out of your busy personal lives, this is work time.  And for pity sakes it is 1 ½ hours once a month.  Now I understand that helping children might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  In fact if you had asked me prior to this exercise what I though about helping the kids I would have laughed and said No thanks.  But it means a lot to the kids (and oddly enough me).  It has gotten so bad that instead of somebody from our offices going twice a week like we were last year we could only get enough people to fill slots once a week.  And then I found out today that the two people that were supposed to go on Wednesday just did not. The one woman had the afternoon off and did not even try and swop although she new it was her turn to go and the other woman does not have transport so could not get there (she usually relies on the person she is partnered with).  They did not even bother trying to find somebody to fill their spaces.  So the kids – who were expecting somebody – got NOBODY!


You might have gathered that I am rather upset by this!  This lack of commitment is frustrating!  I know you can’t force people to do something they don’t want to do, and that everybody else has their own kids (or grandkids) but really!  1 ½ HOURS!!! 


On a more positive note, my company has sponsored me to do Ironman!  The money will be going to a charity called Ironman4Kidz.  They then distribute the money to 3 different charity organizations in Port Elizabeth.  One of which is the children’s home we are already involved with.  I am really happy about this, and means that I am doing it for more than just personal satisfaction.

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A post about nothing



I have had a busy time at work the past couple of days and it has been FANTASTIC!  The unfortunate result of it is that I have not been able to blog.  Drat!  I will take that consequence though.


Other than that not much has been happening.  Obviously, besides the usually running, cycling and swimming. 


I am now ready for this race to happen.  I am counting long cycles left – 2!  I have also decided that I don’t like long cycles.  I am more an 80 km girl than a 140km girl.  I am still battling with my shoulder.  My new bike set-up has helped a bit, but not as much as I was hoping. 


So this week and the next are my two longest weeks training wise and then it is recover and taper (I can’t wait).  This week the total time training is supposed to be 17.5hours and next week is 18 hours.  Holy crap!!!!!!  So far so good though and I am on track.


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A Dog – cat Burglar

Daisy has discovered a new trick.  She had figured out how to “break” into our house.  We came home from work yesterday and there she was INSIDE!  When she figures out how to turn off the Burglar Alarm we will be in real trouble.


I know they say Border Collies are clever but this is ridiculous.  





She had obviously seen the cats climbing in through the window and figured if they could do it so could she…

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I am chicken! And not afraid to admit it.

So as I said in the last post, I am pretty happy with my body at the moment.  It is doing what I want – now I just need to work on my MIND!!  It is seriously letting the side down.


I am a chicken – I don’t deny it.  Lots of things scare me!  Heights, strong winds, big seas, sharks, jelly fish, success…Actually the list could go on. 


Most Friday afternoon’s we go for a sea swim from Hobie Beach.  There are usually quite a few people there but when the wind picks up, in particular when the Easterly picks up most people stay away, most sensible people – not my friends.  I went down expecting (hoping) them to cancel.  I hung around, sure they would cancel.  There was a serious Easterly blowing, which means rough seas and if the easterly has been blowing long enough Bluebottles (man o’ war) and jelly fish.  I rarely swim if there is an easterly, but my excuse of bluebottles was falling on deaf ears – the sea was still clear!  They decided to go out!  I was going to have to do this.  I need new friends? 



As we were entering the water we spoke to a few people coming out, they said it was fine until you turned around and tried to swim back.  Hmmm, ok!  So we went in and they were right, it was fine.  So what if you smacked down as the wave passed, or that you swallowed half the sea?  I was actually enjoying myself.  So WHY, oh WHY did I decided to swim ashore at the turn around and walk back.  I was scared!  Or at least I thought I should be scared!  East’s scare me, right?  I had felt the rip, and knew it would feel choppier on the way back.  But so what!  I am a chicken, it is the only excuse I have.  As I walked along the shore I felt disappointed, I could see my friends swimming and they were doing fine.  I could have done it, and here I was walking!  I felt like kicking myself. 


And then what do I go and do????  Almost the exact same thing on Sunday!  You would have thought I would have learnt.  The only difference was this time it was on the bike.  I pulled out at the ½ way stage in our ride.  It was windy and raining and I am scared of the wind – I always say I am scared of the wind.  I don’t ride if it is windy?  But I was actually enjoying myself – so why did I pull out?  I think my MIND just is not up for this.  It thinks I should be scared so then tells me not to continue. 

On a calmer day!
On a calmer day!




I know I should be proud that I went out even for the 1st halves.  Most people did not, and as I am reading what I have written I am beginning to feel a bit better about the whole thing.  There were not many people in the sea on Friday.  Less than ½ of the usual culprits, and yet I still went out.  So, I walked back – I had already swum nearly a kilometer by that stage.  And on Sunday, there were only 3 of our group that even started cycling and we did not see many other cyclists on the road.  I still did 62km, and I was not the only one to pull out at the ½ way.  In fact only one girl continued; still I should have joined her.


But I suppose I am getting better, slowly.  At least I went out!

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Just the way I am

The more I train for Ironman the more I realise that human body truly is an amazing thing. 


One of my training partners and I were talking about it on one of our long rides.  Neither of us are elite athletes, neither of us were particular sporty at school (although we both did sports), neither of us are in our twenties and yet, here we where doing a 120km ride and enjoying it. 


When we started doing triathlons we both started with sprint distances (and start every season there because we are too lazy to train in winter) and boy oh boy does that feel far.  You wonder how on earth you ever did an Olympic distance the previous year, or how on earth you are ever going to fit enough to do one again.  Then with a little bit of work you get fitter.  Olympic distance still seems far but possible.  You are happy to stay at that distance….. Until you discover that slight glimmer of possibility somewhere in the back of your mind that says maybe, some day, not now, but some day, you might be able to do an Ironman?????  Maybe?  (you don’t say it out loud)   And at first you squish the thought, but it gets stronger, you meet more and more people doing it, some of your friends start training for one and finish successfully.  Surely if THEY can do it YOU can do it????


And the next thing you know that glimmer of possibility has become a bright blinding light.  You start researching training programs.  You go for that first ride and then another.  You pay your money and sign up and then wonder what the hell you were thinking!!!  But as each week goes by you get fitter and fitter. At first running 5km is a killer and you walk ½ of it!  But then few months later 10km is an easy run!  Your morning ride before work is 40 km and you look forward to the weekends when you can go longer.  You are astounded and start to believe that the human body truly is amazing!


I might not have the typically “perfect body”.  It has cellulite and slightly more fat than I would like.  There are stretch marks and scars but so what!  It can do amazing things, it can carry me distances I never thought possible and it can go faster than I ever dreamed and each day it just gets stronger!  As I said the human body truly is amazing – and this one is all mine and I am beginning to believe it is perfect for me!

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Let’s hope this works


I took myself and my bike to the chiropractor on Monday.


Although I LOVE my new bike I have still been battling with PAIN in my right shoulder.  Not just a slight ache, real pain.  Thankfully it goes away almost the same instant that I get off my bike.  So I figured (yes, I am a rocket scientist) that my bike set up might be causing my discomfort. 


I had booked my bike in for a set up but when I went to the chiropractor last week and he recommended this new guy in town.  Also a chiropractor but does bike set ups too.  Now, I am a bit slow on the uptake as he was about the 4th person to recommend this guy to me.  Finally I though it might be worth a shot.  I cancelled my other set up and booked a set up with him.


Here was my dilemma and why I have been delaying booking a bike set up.  I don’t want to spend MORE money on my bike.  The seat post on my bike is integrated so I did not think it was possible to raise it any more than it was already, and I did not want to cut it (the only way to shorten it).  I was not sure how much he could play around with my set up without me actually having to go out and buy more stuff.  But finally, I was prepared to listen and see what he said.  I was also really scared that he asked me why on earth I bought a XS bike and that it was too small for me….


Well, he did not say my bike was too small for me – in fact the opposite!  Holy crap how much too big is my other bike.


So this is what he did, he moved my seat up (yes it is possible).  He also moved it forward and moved my pads of my tri-bars back, this effectively shortened my reach.  He also moved the tribars closer together and adjusted the cleat position on my left shoe – that will have no effect on my shoulder but said it should help my legs – ok… 


The really nice thing about this set up was as he was doing it he would explain the effect it would have on your body. So when he moved my seat up and forward he would point out which muscles it would affect and how it would help my run.  When he moved my pads back he showed me the effect it would have on my shoulders and back.  He would press on the muscle before he did the adjustment, showing the tension and strain (pain – ouch) and then again afterwards (ah, relief).


I have yet to ride my bike so am not sure how this all translates to the road, but on the trainer in his office it felt much better.  I was supposed to ride this morning but sent this message to my training partner “Too windy…???”  I got this one back “yep, and too lazy”.  Fantastic.  I sent one back “tomorrow?”  Luckily it coincides with my programme so I am not actually missing a work out.  Just shuffling them around.

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Last night was exactly what I needed. 


Good food, good wine and great company and no training talk, well almost no training talk.  It is a little difficult when 2 of the people I was out with are cyclists I train with.


It was nice just to relax though, to enjoy the company of my husband and my friends.  We definitely need to do that more.  Even when I am not training for IM we don’t go out much, yes, some of it is because of finances but mostly it is because we just don’t. 


The place we went to last night was not expensive.  It was just nice.  It was an Indian restaurant called Raasoie and we ordered 6 or 7 smaller dishes and just passed them around the table.  It was communal and social and a lot of fun!!!  The food was not too spicy or hot and I actually enjoyed it and I am not usually a fan of curry.

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Its a numbers game

7 weeks or 47 days

This is the amount of time I have left till race day.  Broken down it’s 3 more weeks of hard training, 1 week recover and then 3 weeks taper.  Yikes.  That means I only have 3 more long rides left.  After that they start getting shorter again.  This weekend we did 132km, with an average speed of 26km/hour.  We will probably do that twice more and also would like to do one of about 150km!  I also still have about 3 more long runs to do.  1 of those needs to be about 32km.


140.6 Miles or 226 km

This is the total distance I will travel on race day!  This is broken down into a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride and a 42.2km run! Have I done enough training to cover this distance comfortably? Let’s hope so!



That is the total distance I have covered on my new bike since December.  I am happy with that.



That is the distance I ran last week- over 3 runs.  8 km in the 1st run, 10km in the 2nd run and 20km in the 3rd!  Yikes.  This week needs to be more.


And more important than all of those numbers is this number




 the number of days till my sister gets here from England!  WOO HOO.



Me with my sister, brother and his fiance
Me with my sister, brother and his fiance
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Superstitious nonsense

I am not a superstitious person.  Really I am not!  But sometimes you really do begin to wonder…..

Miss Molly
Miss Molly




On Friday, yes the 13th, Miss Molly my BLACK cat disappeared.  I was a little worried, it was raining and there was thunder about.  Normally at the first clap of thunder she comes running inside and hides under the bed – but there was no sign of her.  She also usually comes when called and nothing.  Not even at dinner time.  We went to bed but left some windows open for her.  We did not sleep very well and keep getting up to call her or see if she had come inside.  Nothing.  At one stage the dogs started to bark so hubby got up to go and investigate.  Our house is in a U shape, so if you stand on one side you can see the roof on the other.  On the roof was a HUGE owl!  Yikes, black cat, Friday 13th and now a huge owl on our roof.  I was beginning to get slightly nervous.  Actually who am I kidding, I did not sleep all night!  On Saturday there was still no sign of her.


Molly eating Dukes food
Molly eating Dukes food

I walked the neighbourhood flat, but refused to panic.  Until about 4pm, then I called the Animal Welfare, the vets and put up posters in the local shopping centers and on lamp posts.  I walked around some more (so much for the “off” day on my program) calling her name.  NOTHING!!!  Another sleepless night followed.


I decided to go cycling the next morning.  I felt there was not much else I could do at home.  Hubby said he would walk around some more and if anything changed he would call me.  I must admit that the last thing I felt like doing was cycling.


Miss Molly and Bacardi taking over the dogs' bed
Miss Molly and Bacardi taking over the dogs' bed

But anyway, I went and kept my phone close!  After about an hour on the bike I got a phone call.  He had found her and she was fine!!!!  Oh THANK YOU!  She was apparently about 500m away from our house but trapped in the storm water drains.  We think she had gotten lost in the tunnels and could not get out.  When hubby went walking he kept calling her name and when he passed one of the gratings he heard her meouw.  Luckily he was able to get the grating off the drain and get her out.  She seemed none the worse for wear. 


After all my muttering and cursing about people speaking on their cell phones while driving her I was on my bicycle! 


Not even the rain could get me down on that cycle and we ending up doing 132km.


So Friday the 13th, black cats and owls on roof’s – all superstitious nonsense…….

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Possibly too much information???

The “Honesty Box”


I have been tagged by Shayne to play.  Hmmmm! 


So here goes


  1. I would NEVER play that TV game show – “Moment of Truth”.  Never!  I said this out loud the other day and my hubby asked me why not, what was I hiding?  Yikes…..  Ok, so what was I hiding?  Well nothing I suppose, but there are some things in the past that I would like to stay well and truly in the past!  I know there is the possibility of winning $1million but really is the money worth it.  By the end I don’t think anybody would be talking to you.  I suppose the benefit is that then they could not ask for a share?
  2. I never thought I would get married – ever!  I have never dreamt of my “big day”.  In fact I could not think of anything worse!  That changed about 2 years ago, when I met my now husband.
  3. The thought of having children scares the living crap out of me!  I mean like really!!!  I suppose as people around me are having kids the thought get less scary – I see that it is not the end of their lives (just as they know it).  We are planning on having them and hopefully I will be a good mom but the whole concept is a bit petrifying.
  4. I like challenges – go figure!  I seem to need a goal and something to work towards.  Like Ironman, I investigate it, I draw up programmes, I work out my equipment requirements, my nutrition, the best positioning to start the swim, what the weather will be like at that time of year etc.  I was the same when I climbed Kilimanjaro.  The problem is that once it is over I go into a total depression – until I find my next challenge.  After last IM it was planning a wedding, so the depression was delayed till after that (yes, I was a bundle of fun for the 1st month or so of our marriage).  Then I decided to do Ironman again.  And now….  Hmmmm, well having kids will be a challenge (there might be a change of focus on this blog after 5 April).
  5. I think I am being too honest?
  6. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up (Jennifer posted something similar).  I feel like I have no direction.  My job is just a job and a pretty boring one at that.  Most of my mental and creative stimulation comes from my social or recreational activities.
  7. I am a terrible friend – I keep in touch with people that live on other sides of the world better than I do with people that live in the same town as me.  I really need to make more of an effort to keep up with these relationships.
  8. I am addicted to the internet!  I do nearly everything online (see point number 7)  I met my husband online, I arranged my wedding online, I investigate EVERYTHING online, I keep in touch with friends online, I make friends online, I bank online, I shop online – I bought my new bike online.  Totally addicted – and the ironic part is I do not have an internet connection at home.  Yes, I do all this at work.
  9. I have travelled around the world – literally but sometimes wonder if I did it because I wanted to travel or because I did not want to be where ever I was at that time.  Maybe it was a combination of both.
  10. I secretly believe that I am going to win the lottery.  I am utterly convinced!  However am never surprised when I don’t. 


I am not going to tag anyone – but if you do decided to do this let me know in the comments, so I can come and read your truths.