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I have competition

On Friday afternoon I went down to the beach front for an open water swim.  I was standing near the back of my car pulling on my wet suit when this family walked past me.  The little boy, who must have been about 7 years old, stopped and looked at me very seriously and asked; “Are you training for Ironman?”  Wow, ok I thought he must have a parent that is also training.  So I said “yes, I am” 


He then very proudly said “So am I”. 


It was so sweet, he was so serious.  Every year, the day before actual Ironman event, they have what they call the Ironman Kids, so I am assuming that is what he is probably training for and taking it very seriously.  It is very cute and I go and watch.  To finish they get to run down the actually finishing cute and get a big medal.


Anyway, so I asked him how his training was going and he said well, so I wished him luck.  He said thank you and ran off to catch up with his parents.


You know Ironman Fever has hit this city when the 7 year olds are taking it very seriously!


Pritt Ironman Kids 2008
Pritt Ironman Kids 2008

7 thoughts on “I have competition

  1. That is so cute!

    Do you get Shape magazine? This month they have this little booklet with various disciplines, amongst them triathlon. I didn’t realize that you could do a mini triathlon… I think it was 400m swim, 20 km bike ride and 5 km run. That is something I could possibly train for in the future… if I had a bike!

    My swimming is very poor though, and I’m thinking of getting some coaching – not necessarily for a tri, but just to get back to basics. I would love to swim for fitness in the gym. What do you think?

  2. 6000 – the more people in the water the better for me.
    SS – He was so serious. I was trying really hard not to laugh.
    Hanlie – I think it is a fantastic idea! I will mail you with more details.

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