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One painting bought and another sold! And a whole lot of stuff in between


I had the most fantastic weekend!

 Saturday was a busy day for me. In the morning I ran a 10 km race and who would have known, training actually does work!  Well kind of – I still did not beat my mom (damn that 63 year old can run) but I did beat my previous best time, so am pretty happy!  My time 56:53, which is about 5 minutes off my normal 10km time (yes, I told you I was slow).  My previous best was 58:46 and that was in 2005.

 Later in the day I met up with some friends that I have not seen in ages and it was great.  One cup of coffee ended up taking about 2 ½ hours to drink!  I am sure the waitress must have been cursing us.  It was so nice to catch up, and I really need to make more of a concerted effort to keep in touch with them. 

 That evening we had our Art School’s end of year (beginning of year) party.  Each year the classes have a little competition against each other.  We are given a theme and each class needs to submit a project or whatever, interpreting the theme.  This year we needed to “Do” a painting.  We were able to interpret this anyway we like, but were not just to recreate the painting, we needed be creative.  Some classes acted it out, some pretended to be “in” the paining and some pretended to be the artist painting the painting.  Some classes worked on their project for months.  We did not!  Some classes rehearsed together for hours, we did not!  Some classes put real effort in, we did not.  WE WON!  Some classes are not speaking to each other; most of them are not speaking to us.

A Jackson Pollock painting
A painting by Jackson Pollock


We arrived with a large blank canvas and 30 little water guns filled with paint.  We got everybody at the party to “shoot” the canvas.  Our painting was a “Jackson Pollock” and it was fantastic!  We had so much fun, and it seemed everybody else did too.  Well, until they realized they had just helped us win – again.  When the judges came by everybody was totally involved spraying our canvas.  Once the judges had watched for a bit, one of them said to us “You know what you need to do if you want to win”.  We knew exactly what we need to do, and all shouted “Justine”.  Out came Justine – in a bikini and rolled across the wet paint.  The judge just stood there open mouthed.  He had not expected us to actually have somebody to roll in it.  The resulting picture was actually really interesting, and as always they are put up for action with the money going Animal Welfare.  I have put in a bid on it, I hope it get it. 


 There was also an exhibition of works done at the school throughout the year.  We could each submit a couple of our paintings.  I kind of left it to the last minute so rushed there just before the party started and asked if it was too late to submit a painting.  My teacher said it was fine, she would find a space.  I am very thankful that she did – IT SOLD!!!!  Yippee.  I am so excited and at least now I can justify putting in a bid on the other painting.

Painting I sold!
Painting I sold!




 In other exciting news – well not exciting to anybody but me, I did another 120km cycle.  Once again we did the Ironman loop twice.  This time there was an Easterly blowing, so I expected our time to be a bit slower.  They were not, so I am pretty happy.  Now at least I have done it in both an East and a West!  So – 8 weeks to go and it is looking good so far!!!

14 thoughts on “One painting bought and another sold! And a whole lot of stuff in between

  1. The Jackson Pollock is superb.
    Your “Two Boys and a Banana” is equally good.

    But I’m going to score this post 1/10 because there’s no photo of Justine in a bikini.

    You know what you have to do to improve your mark.

  2. 6000 – playing with fire
    charisa – Thank you
    Jennifer – yes, definitly one of my better weekends.
    MS – It feels fantastic – now if I could just beat my mom….
    Jeanette – thank you, but then I had a great photo to work from, thanks once again for letting me copy it.
    Kathy – thank you, I think at one point I am going to have to stop saying it is purely the bike, but it sure does help!

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