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I may be an Ironman but I DON’T do Ironing!

So another day of taxi strikes – and it has finally impacted on my life!  I had to hang out my own washing….. Oh the horrors!  And it does not stop there, I had to pack away my own dishes, make my own bed and clean the house…..  You know, all the stuff that people generally have to do when they don’t live in South Africa! 


South African Mini Bus Taxis
South African Mini Bus Taxis

The taxi drivers, operators, owners and anyone else involved with the taxis in Port Elizabeth have called another strike.  They are unhappy with the transport plans the municipality has drawn up for the 2010 Soccer World Cup?   The busses are also not running – out of fear for the safety of the bus drivers or damage to the busses.


By and large these strikes don’t generally affect me, but this time it has gone too far…  They are trying to cause maximum disruption so the strike was unannounced till the last minute so a lot of commuters where unable to get to work yesterday.  The lady who cleans my house included.

Front page today
Front page today


And then last night they extended the strike for another couple of days – holy crap, no Hazel!!!!  What am I going to do – I have no clothes left to train in.  Looks like I am going to have to get busy – I do draw the line at ironing though!

6 thoughts on “I may be an Ironman but I DON’T do Ironing!

  1. It does have certain advantages I must admit! The roads are a lot more peaceful and yesterday I did not have to worry about them knocking me off my bike!

  2. I knew nothing about this until I tried to take a taxi this afternoon… You can read all about it on my blog! It wasn’t pretty!

    My house is dirty, since I’m striking in solidarity with the taxi drivers!

    I pick the movies we watch in the evening according to the amount of ironing I have… If the basket is full, we have to watch romantic comedies and dramas. Suspense and foreign movies are for nights when I don’t have ironing (not often), so that I don’t miss anything!

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