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Possibly too much information???

The “Honesty Box”


I have been tagged by Shayne to play.  Hmmmm! 


So here goes


  1. I would NEVER play that TV game show – “Moment of Truth”.  Never!  I said this out loud the other day and my hubby asked me why not, what was I hiding?  Yikes…..  Ok, so what was I hiding?  Well nothing I suppose, but there are some things in the past that I would like to stay well and truly in the past!  I know there is the possibility of winning $1million but really is the money worth it.  By the end I don’t think anybody would be talking to you.  I suppose the benefit is that then they could not ask for a share?
  2. I never thought I would get married – ever!  I have never dreamt of my “big day”.  In fact I could not think of anything worse!  That changed about 2 years ago, when I met my now husband.
  3. The thought of having children scares the living crap out of me!  I mean like really!!!  I suppose as people around me are having kids the thought get less scary – I see that it is not the end of their lives (just as they know it).  We are planning on having them and hopefully I will be a good mom but the whole concept is a bit petrifying.
  4. I like challenges – go figure!  I seem to need a goal and something to work towards.  Like Ironman, I investigate it, I draw up programmes, I work out my equipment requirements, my nutrition, the best positioning to start the swim, what the weather will be like at that time of year etc.  I was the same when I climbed Kilimanjaro.  The problem is that once it is over I go into a total depression – until I find my next challenge.  After last IM it was planning a wedding, so the depression was delayed till after that (yes, I was a bundle of fun for the 1st month or so of our marriage).  Then I decided to do Ironman again.  And now….  Hmmmm, well having kids will be a challenge (there might be a change of focus on this blog after 5 April).
  5. I think I am being too honest?
  6. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up (Jennifer posted something similar).  I feel like I have no direction.  My job is just a job and a pretty boring one at that.  Most of my mental and creative stimulation comes from my social or recreational activities.
  7. I am a terrible friend – I keep in touch with people that live on other sides of the world better than I do with people that live in the same town as me.  I really need to make more of an effort to keep up with these relationships.
  8. I am addicted to the internet!  I do nearly everything online (see point number 7)  I met my husband online, I arranged my wedding online, I investigate EVERYTHING online, I keep in touch with friends online, I make friends online, I bank online, I shop online – I bought my new bike online.  Totally addicted – and the ironic part is I do not have an internet connection at home.  Yes, I do all this at work.
  9. I have travelled around the world – literally but sometimes wonder if I did it because I wanted to travel or because I did not want to be where ever I was at that time.  Maybe it was a combination of both.
  10. I secretly believe that I am going to win the lottery.  I am utterly convinced!  However am never surprised when I don’t. 


I am not going to tag anyone – but if you do decided to do this let me know in the comments, so I can come and read your truths.






9 thoughts on “Possibly too much information???

  1. Hi, Great post , you said that you keep needing challenges but be careful of that because we do depression and suicide issues on my site and that is one sign to look for. You said you get depressed after a task is ended this is a cycle that shows you may be out of balance. Again be care with depression it is what our site is about so I know. Thanks

  2. SH – depressed after an event, yes. Depressed in general or suicidal, far from it. At first I did not realise what it was but now that I have realised it is just after an event or something I can deal iwth it. I also am better at keeping my life in balance now. ie, I still keep up with my regular stuff, ie my paining classes, yoga, my blog, hiking and other stuff. But thanks for the concern.
    Lynette – grandkids might be a while…. My mom is hoping that some time soon she will be getting them. I am her eldest and the other siblings seem just as far from it as I do.
    Shanyne – as I said, boring job. And one where they don’t track internet usage. I just don’t download pics or videos much so it does not get noticed. I am hoping that the boring part of the job will change in the next 2 months or so. Out company is going through quite a few changes at the moment, so hopefully it brings more challenges my way. I must be one of the few people wanting to actually work harder.
    Charisa – I am sure when the time is right we both will. It is still a scary thought though!

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