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Its a numbers game

7 weeks or 47 days

This is the amount of time I have left till race day.  Broken down it’s 3 more weeks of hard training, 1 week recover and then 3 weeks taper.  Yikes.  That means I only have 3 more long rides left.  After that they start getting shorter again.  This weekend we did 132km, with an average speed of 26km/hour.  We will probably do that twice more and also would like to do one of about 150km!  I also still have about 3 more long runs to do.  1 of those needs to be about 32km.


140.6 Miles or 226 km

This is the total distance I will travel on race day!  This is broken down into a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride and a 42.2km run! Have I done enough training to cover this distance comfortably? Let’s hope so!



That is the total distance I have covered on my new bike since December.  I am happy with that.



That is the distance I ran last week- over 3 runs.  8 km in the 1st run, 10km in the 2nd run and 20km in the 3rd!  Yikes.  This week needs to be more.


And more important than all of those numbers is this number




 the number of days till my sister gets here from England!  WOO HOO.



Me with my sister, brother and his fiance
Me with my sister, brother and his fiance