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Last night was exactly what I needed. 


Good food, good wine and great company and no training talk, well almost no training talk.  It is a little difficult when 2 of the people I was out with are cyclists I train with.


It was nice just to relax though, to enjoy the company of my husband and my friends.  We definitely need to do that more.  Even when I am not training for IM we don’t go out much, yes, some of it is because of finances but mostly it is because we just don’t. 


The place we went to last night was not expensive.  It was just nice.  It was an Indian restaurant called Raasoie and we ordered 6 or 7 smaller dishes and just passed them around the table.  It was communal and social and a lot of fun!!!  The food was not too spicy or hot and I actually enjoyed it and I am not usually a fan of curry.