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Let’s hope this works


I took myself and my bike to the chiropractor on Monday.


Although I LOVE my new bike I have still been battling with PAIN in my right shoulder.  Not just a slight ache, real pain.  Thankfully it goes away almost the same instant that I get off my bike.  So I figured (yes, I am a rocket scientist) that my bike set up might be causing my discomfort. 


I had booked my bike in for a set up but when I went to the chiropractor last week and he recommended this new guy in town.  Also a chiropractor but does bike set ups too.  Now, I am a bit slow on the uptake as he was about the 4th person to recommend this guy to me.  Finally I though it might be worth a shot.  I cancelled my other set up and booked a set up with him.


Here was my dilemma and why I have been delaying booking a bike set up.  I don’t want to spend MORE money on my bike.  The seat post on my bike is integrated so I did not think it was possible to raise it any more than it was already, and I did not want to cut it (the only way to shorten it).  I was not sure how much he could play around with my set up without me actually having to go out and buy more stuff.  But finally, I was prepared to listen and see what he said.  I was also really scared that he asked me why on earth I bought a XS bike and that it was too small for me….


Well, he did not say my bike was too small for me – in fact the opposite!  Holy crap how much too big is my other bike.


So this is what he did, he moved my seat up (yes it is possible).  He also moved it forward and moved my pads of my tri-bars back, this effectively shortened my reach.  He also moved the tribars closer together and adjusted the cleat position on my left shoe – that will have no effect on my shoulder but said it should help my legs – ok… 


The really nice thing about this set up was as he was doing it he would explain the effect it would have on your body. So when he moved my seat up and forward he would point out which muscles it would affect and how it would help my run.  When he moved my pads back he showed me the effect it would have on my shoulders and back.  He would press on the muscle before he did the adjustment, showing the tension and strain (pain – ouch) and then again afterwards (ah, relief).


I have yet to ride my bike so am not sure how this all translates to the road, but on the trainer in his office it felt much better.  I was supposed to ride this morning but sent this message to my training partner “Too windy…???”  I got this one back “yep, and too lazy”.  Fantastic.  I sent one back “tomorrow?”  Luckily it coincides with my programme so I am not actually missing a work out.  Just shuffling them around.


7 thoughts on “Let’s hope this works

  1. So interesting to read this. My hubby has just built his own MB with a Raleigh frame that cost about R5000. He spends hours and hours fiddling around, moving this, raising this, shortening this and has also adjusted his cleats as far as I know. So he’s not the only one …..

    Really glad to hear that the pain in your should should now be sorted – i suffer from a similar pain and i know just how sore it is. I don’t ride tho, my chiro says my neck is skew hence the pain.

    Hope that all the fiddling proves for a successful ride tom.

  2. I’m amazed at the nitty gritty involvd in cycling. I’m learning so much from the Begginer Triathlete site and from you. Not that I’m planning on cycling more than 20K, so most of it’s not applicable to me!

  3. Shayne – thanks
    Lynette – thanks, me too.
    Jeanette – I think he started of being a chiropractor how rode and fixed his own and then friends and then progressed?
    Charisa – I hope so. At this stage I am almost willing to try anything (almost)
    Hanlie – I know, when I started I did not know it was complex at all. I thought – get on bike pedal (try not to die)? Who knew???
    Gill – ok, that is just crazy!

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