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Just the way I am

The more I train for Ironman the more I realise that human body truly is an amazing thing. 


One of my training partners and I were talking about it on one of our long rides.  Neither of us are elite athletes, neither of us were particular sporty at school (although we both did sports), neither of us are in our twenties and yet, here we where doing a 120km ride and enjoying it. 


When we started doing triathlons we both started with sprint distances (and start every season there because we are too lazy to train in winter) and boy oh boy does that feel far.  You wonder how on earth you ever did an Olympic distance the previous year, or how on earth you are ever going to fit enough to do one again.  Then with a little bit of work you get fitter.  Olympic distance still seems far but possible.  You are happy to stay at that distance….. Until you discover that slight glimmer of possibility somewhere in the back of your mind that says maybe, some day, not now, but some day, you might be able to do an Ironman?????  Maybe?  (you don’t say it out loud)   And at first you squish the thought, but it gets stronger, you meet more and more people doing it, some of your friends start training for one and finish successfully.  Surely if THEY can do it YOU can do it????


And the next thing you know that glimmer of possibility has become a bright blinding light.  You start researching training programs.  You go for that first ride and then another.  You pay your money and sign up and then wonder what the hell you were thinking!!!  But as each week goes by you get fitter and fitter. At first running 5km is a killer and you walk ½ of it!  But then few months later 10km is an easy run!  Your morning ride before work is 40 km and you look forward to the weekends when you can go longer.  You are astounded and start to believe that the human body truly is amazing!


I might not have the typically “perfect body”.  It has cellulite and slightly more fat than I would like.  There are stretch marks and scars but so what!  It can do amazing things, it can carry me distances I never thought possible and it can go faster than I ever dreamed and each day it just gets stronger!  As I said the human body truly is amazing – and this one is all mine and I am beginning to believe it is perfect for me!