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A post about nothing



I have had a busy time at work the past couple of days and it has been FANTASTIC!  The unfortunate result of it is that I have not been able to blog.  Drat!  I will take that consequence though.


Other than that not much has been happening.  Obviously, besides the usually running, cycling and swimming. 


I am now ready for this race to happen.  I am counting long cycles left – 2!  I have also decided that I don’t like long cycles.  I am more an 80 km girl than a 140km girl.  I am still battling with my shoulder.  My new bike set-up has helped a bit, but not as much as I was hoping. 


So this week and the next are my two longest weeks training wise and then it is recover and taper (I can’t wait).  This week the total time training is supposed to be 17.5hours and next week is 18 hours.  Holy crap!!!!!!  So far so good though and I am on track.


2 thoughts on “A post about nothing

  1. Well that is still really good!!! It is only these couple of weeks that are so drastic – and 6 of these hours are one bike ride….. Mostly it is around 10 – 12 hours a week.

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