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4 the Kids

Our company made a commitment last year to support one of the children’s homes in our area.  Besides the monetary contribution the company made they gave a commitment that going forward we would assist the children on a weekly basis with things like home work and stuff like that.  We were each given one or two afternoon a month when we could go and do this.

Some of the girls!
Some of the girls!





The commitment from the company has not changed.  The commitment from my fellow co-workers however is APPALLING!  Now, this is not time that you have to take out of your busy personal lives, this is work time.  And for pity sakes it is 1 ½ hours once a month.  Now I understand that helping children might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  In fact if you had asked me prior to this exercise what I though about helping the kids I would have laughed and said No thanks.  But it means a lot to the kids (and oddly enough me).  It has gotten so bad that instead of somebody from our offices going twice a week like we were last year we could only get enough people to fill slots once a week.  And then I found out today that the two people that were supposed to go on Wednesday just did not. The one woman had the afternoon off and did not even try and swop although she new it was her turn to go and the other woman does not have transport so could not get there (she usually relies on the person she is partnered with).  They did not even bother trying to find somebody to fill their spaces.  So the kids – who were expecting somebody – got NOBODY!


You might have gathered that I am rather upset by this!  This lack of commitment is frustrating!  I know you can’t force people to do something they don’t want to do, and that everybody else has their own kids (or grandkids) but really!  1 ½ HOURS!!! 


On a more positive note, my company has sponsored me to do Ironman!  The money will be going to a charity called Ironman4Kidz.  They then distribute the money to 3 different charity organizations in Port Elizabeth.  One of which is the children’s home we are already involved with.  I am really happy about this, and means that I am doing it for more than just personal satisfaction.


7 thoughts on “4 the Kids

  1. That sort of thing irritates me.

    If the company has made the committment, then the compan must take responsibility for getting someone there when they say they will. The staff are obviously not able to fulfil that prmise.

    And if this is company policy, then they should put in discipliniary action against non-attenders.

  2. 6000 – It is not from the company side, they are still committed and making the time and money available. The company believes that each staff member knows their commitments and is old enough to take responsibility! In this case apparently not, I have spoken to the powers that be and the matter will be addressed in the next staff/management meeting.

  3. It is a shame that adults can’t get their act together. That the company is allowing for these visits during work hours is awesome, but makes the fact the that your co-workers can’t manage to make the visits possible even more of a disgrace. I feel bad for the kids.

  4. Hanlie – Yip.
    Jennifer – I agree, I mean they were expecting somebody there. They were probably pretty disappointed when nobody showed up.

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