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I can’t sleep

My sister gets back tomorrow!  I can’t wait. Truthfully I think I am more excited to see her than I am for Ironman. 


We have so much planned – obviously Ironman being one of the things.  But we are also plan on eating a lot of sushi and going hiking.  Although I am not so sure how wise hiking less than a week after completing Ironman is, especially not a 5 day hike, carrying a full pack.  Hmmm, maybe we should rethink that idea.  Or bribe somebody to carry our stuff for us……  Any volunteers????  Nope, I thought not!


Tomorrow is also my last day of work for 20 days!!!!  I have taken leave whilst my sister is here, so I can spend time with her.  With all the public holidays it makes sense.  I don’t need to use up too many leave days.  I doubt I would be very productive during this time anyway. 


Actually I doubt anybody is going to be very productive during this time. Can you believe that this is the last full work week for over a month?  From now on it is either 3 or 4 days a week.  Pure madness…..


So, my blog might (will) be a lot quieter.  I will try and get online quite often, and I will most definitely post how my race went but please bare with me on the silences over the next few weeks.



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Trust me, I’m the Weather Man????

So we are in our final week before Ironman South Africa.  6 More days!!!! 


And the panicked phone calls, sms’s and Facebook comments about the weather have started appearing.


Have you seen the 7 day forecast?  What’s the wind doing?  Oh my word is it true – 32 degrees?  It’s an East!!!!  And such like….


Well I was not going to look.  I had decided that there was nothing much I could do about the weather so I was not going to stress about it (just yet). I know the forecast changes by the hour and 6 days is a long time to be on a weather vigil. 


But it got to me – I succumbed to peer pressure and went online and looked.  Actually I “consulted” 3 different sites. 


So this is what I found out.  It might be anywhere between 28 and 34 degrees maximum.  The wind might blow, if it does it might be anywhere between 7 knots and 25 knots.  The direction might be a South East or North West???  And the weather man knows nothing.


The only thing they all seem to have in common is that it is going to be hot, LOTS of sunscreen is going to be necessary, there is no rain forecast and there is going to be a light wind, the direction of which is questionable.


I suppose at least the light wind might cool us down….. 

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Reasons to love today!!!

It’s Friday!


And being the last Friday of the month also means it’s casual day at work- I love wearing jeans. 


Also seeing as it is Friday, we have a sea swim planned for later this afternoon.  It will be one of my last before IMSA, although when my sister gets here I know she will want to dunk herself in the sea, so I have at least one more scheduled.


AND I have the afternoon off!  Woo hoo – we get one afternoon off a month and I have saved mine till now.  I am going shopping, which is not something I do often.  Well at least I don’t normally go to shops that sell girly stuff.  I can be found in hardware stores, nurseries and garden supplies stores, bike shops, outdoor shops or sports shops on a regular basis but not usually in clothes shops.  Today I am on a mission!  I want a pair of knee length black boots for winter!  What are the chances of me actually finding a pair that I like though – or a pair that actually fits around my calves (the joys of having done Highland Dancing for 10 years)???? 


Then, one more reason to love today – I have NOTHING planned for this evening and I can’t wait.  How sad is it that I am looking forward to a Friday night in?  It was not so long ago that I was a major party girl, now the highlight of my week is a quiet night so I can get up early…..  How life has changed!

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I am NOT walking!

I finally found the photo’s from the Sunshine Coast Triathlon.  I knew they had been taken by Rob Pollock Photography but up until now they had nothing on their site.  I also knew that they were up in a shopping centre in East London, a little bit too far just to look at photos.  But, woo hoo they are now online. Well it was woo hoo until I found the photos of me!!!


Why is it that I do my best time ever in a 10km EVER and yet in the photo’s it looks like I am walking!!!!  I was not walking, I promise.


Also why is it that I just look like crap in all my “action” shots!  I will never be that cute little girl that looks hot while competing.  I will always be that girl that just looks hot (as in about to die from heat exhaustion) while competing.


This is the first photo of me on my bike, I am pretty happy with it.  At least it looks like I am going forwards.

3rd Girl!
3rd Girl out the water!
I am NOT walking - dammit!
I am NOT walking - dammit!
So I might be freewheeling??
So I might be freewheeling??
The finish line!
The finish line!
It’s funny, these photo’s are taken by a Pollock, because lately the way most people seem to have stumbled onto my site is because of that post I did about the Jackson Pollock picture our art class was inspired by.
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A confession….

I have a very shameful secret… 


One I am soooo embarrassed to admit.  I can’t actually believe that I am going to write about it.  But I suppose if you are going to admit something like this, then where better than on your blog.


I of course had to tell my husband first, I could not let something like this get out in public without giving him fair warning.  But it turns out he had an idea anyway.  I suppose it is quite difficult to hide something like this from the person you live with.  I guess the humming along and the turning the volume up on the TV kind of gave it away….


Oh the humiliation – please don’t tell anybody else but I am a HUGE fan of Robbie.  And we are not talking Robbie Williams here (that I am a fan of him is NO secret).  I am talking about Robbie Wessels……


Ok, I will admit it – I am a fan of Robbie Wessels.  Ever since I first saw the Leeuloop video while standing in Pick n’ Pay Hypermarket I have been hooked.  And now the Vodacom advert – Player 23!


Not sure what it is about him?  Maybe it is his catching lyrics or the way he moves but I just can’t help myself. 


Thank fully it is not that bad that I have actually gone out and bought a CD or anything, but still – the shame of it…..



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There is always something

So now not only do I have to worry about sharks, bluebottles and jelly fish, I also have to worry about false killer whales…..


There is something to be said for the biodiversity of our area, quality of our water and all of that but really!!!!


I had never even heard of “false killer whales” before?  Killer whales or Orca’s yip, but this other kind, nope? 


There is only one thing I do when confronted with something I have not heard of before – PANIC!!!  It has the word Killer in it, and then I Goggle it.


So apparently they are quite widespread but pretty rare.  They live in temperate and tropical waters.  They usually live in deeper waters but have been seen in the shallows.  Well, that would explain the sightings off our beaches yesterday. 


In Australia they are busy trying to save a few of these mammals after 25 beached themselves a couple of days ago.  I hope they manage to save the surviving ones.


After all the Googling, it appears I don’t have too much to worry about.  There don’t seem to have been any recorded attacks on humans, although they have been known to attack other dolphins.


But either way, if I saw a fin that size while I was in the water I think I might just die of a heart attack way before I got bitten.


False Killer Whale
False Killer Whale


HERE is a link to some info about them

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13 Days

13 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Woo hooo……………….


I went down to the beachfront on Friday and they have started building the scaffolding and stuff that will be the walk ways over roads, that will mark off the transition areas and various other things.  The flag poles along Shark Rock Pier (yes, unfortunate name) are up and it is all VERY, VERY exciting.


When it gets this close I miss not living down at the beach front.  You can almost feel the excitement building, even amongst those people that are not competing.  I know some people who have booked hotel rooms down on the course for that weekend just so they will be down there early and have a good vantage point.


Can you tell I am getting excited?  I think I might just have to start taking my Rescue Remedy soon or I am not going to get any sleep or be able to eat anything! 

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Simon says…..

It is not often that I write about stuff in the news or politics.  Something really has to get me all hot under the collar….. and now something has!


South Africa denied the Dalai Lama a visa to enter South Africa.  He was invited to be a guest speaker at a peace conference on ways to use football in the lead up to the 2010 World cup to help combat racism and xenophobia.  Ok, granted, I am not that sure what the Dalai Lama knows about football but to deny him a visa because “it is not in the best interests of the county”??? That I seriously don’t get.


What?? Is he a hardened criminal, has he committed atrocities to human kind, is he a known terrorist?  Oh, wait – no, if he was any one of the above he probably would have had no problem in getting a visa.  Mugabe is in and out all the time.  Is it because it might upset our “new best friend” the Chinese?? Yip, that is probably more likely…


I am saddened by our government’s stand – or none stand – on this issue!


HERE is a link to a report on this.






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Reasons to be happy

3 reasons to be very happy


I have many more, but here are my top 3 at the moment.


  1. My sister gets here in less than 2 weeks!  And I have taken 3 weeks leave to spend the time with her while she is here – woo hoo…
  2. Ironman South Africa is only 16 days away and I am so ready for it!!!  I can’t wait, and it is just as well that it is happening soon because these dark morning suck – well they would if I was actually getting up.  Taper is a good excuse….  Although I am not supposed to be tapering quite as much as I am..  Rather under trained than over trained though….
  3. It’s the WEEKEND BABY!!!  And that is reason enough to be happy.

 Opps, I actually have 4!


  1. I got an increase today.  Not as much as I was hoping for but every bit helps!!!


So what are your top reasons to be happy?