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From me to you…

CentreStage is a Port Elizabeth group made up of numerous musicians and singers, that performs cover shows.  They take a theme or a band or even a number of bands and make a show out of that.  They are very good and very entertaining and a good evening out.   


The problem we have found lately though is that we have seen most of their performances.  This has thankfully been solved.  They have a couple of new shows on the line up!  Yippee!!! 


The first of which was the Beatles, which we went to watch on Friday night.  It was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!  Well, besides their dodgy attempted Liverpudlian acsents, although even though were entertaining. 


They started with the music from the 60’s and then after the break and a costume change went onto music from the 70’s!  I loved it!  Even if at one stage I was battling to keep my eyes open.  It was not a problem with the show at all, but more the fact that I had come straight from the beach and a long sea swim.  Thank fully the problem was solved when they told every one to stand up and dance.  Nothing wakes me up like a bit of bopping around.  I can seriously recommend this show if you get a chance to go.


They also have 2 more new shows coming up – ABBA and U2!  I can’t wait. 


Talking about our sea swim; it was great – the water was crystal clear and beautiful.  I even managed to keep my eyes open and look around – so worth it.  We saw a sting ray as well as quite a few fish.  We did our normal swim twice – which meant that I was running rather late and the only way I would make the show was to shower at the beach and change in my car.  Besides the wet hair I don’t think anybody noticed.

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