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I am beginning to freak out! 


On the Ironman training program I have been following this is the hardest week.  It is 18 hours of training!  But the hours are not why I am beginning to freak out.  It is the hardest week, which means next week the hours drop down and taper begins.  That also means that the swim I did last night was my last long swim.  It means the run I do on Saturday is my last (and longest) long run and the ride I do on Sunday is my last opportunity for a long ride.  That means that if I have not done enough it is too late!  Holy crap I hope I have done enough?  How do I know????


I guess the only thing I can do is trust the program.  Hope it is enough to get me to the end comfortably.  But here is the funny part.  Last time I did not follow the program.  I did not do nearly as much as I have done this time – so why the hell am I freaking out?????  Why am I worried that I might not have done enough, when I have done a heck of a lot more than I did last time, when I still managed to finished and enjoy it?


Yikes – 33 days!!!