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This does not make it so…

I think I should maybe start thinking of stuff I want to do after Ironman.  Yes, I know, get through Ironman first ….


But as my husband has said I need want like to be busy.  Well, maybe busy is the wrong word.  I like to have stuff on the go or at least thoughts of stuff that might soon be on the go.


But I feel I need to write a disclaimer!  So here it is:


“Even though I am writing stuff down now, that does not mean that I am going to do it, start it, attempt it or even think about it after this post.”  


I think of things to do all the time.  I mull the idea over, say I will do it and promptly put it on the back burner.  Most of the time I just want see how it feels to say I am going to do something.  If it feels right then I might do it.  If the idea stays in my head for longer than a couple of weeks or the thought keeps coming back then I probably will do it.  If I don’t get excited about it, or I get excited but the excitement dies down pretty quickly then chances are I am not going to do it.  This is more a thought process than a final decision.


Anyway, enough preamble.  Here is a list of possible “Post Ironman” thoughts (in no particular order).


·         Start a family:  This is priority number one and takes precedence (ok so this one is in order, but the rest aren’t).  I am however a realist, I am 36 and it might not be as easy as just saying we want kids.  So, I suppose the rest are stuff to do while we try.

·         Start studying again.  Ok, so I leave everything to the last minute and then cram but I still feel like I should be enrolled in course or another.  My problem is, do I make it work related (boring- urgh – but they will pay) or do I do something I want to do?  Probably work related will win out. 

·         Get faster.  As I have moaned quite a few times I am pretty slow.  Yes I have gotten faster as my fitness has improved but I am still SLOW.  So my goal – beat my 63 year old mom.  I have been thinking that instead of doing Ironman again in the future maybe I should concentrate on Olympic distance but try and get faster at that?  That might make my husband a little happier as he is not taking to my long rides and runs very well.

·         Paint more!  Ok, I should just do that anyway!

·         Start a part time business or income stream doing something that I love (problem is what??????? And when?????)  No not painting, I want that to be a hobby, if it brings in money woo hoo.

·         Improve my cooking – I love cooking but lately have not had the time or the inclination.  It has been salads and what ever, usually a braai (BBQ) because hubby loved doing that and I get out of cooking.  I have been thinking of possibly going on a course or something.  Problem is lack of courses in PE.

·         Go on a photography course.  Stage one would be to buy a decent camera.  I used to LOVE taking photographs and had a really nice camera.  Then it got stolen and I replaced it with a elcheapo (just till I could afford a nice one again) that just does not do the trick.  I get so frustrated with this camera I have lost all enjoyment of taking photos.  And then I went and spent all the money I had saved up for a new camera on my new bike?????

·         DON’T TELL MY HUSBAND ABOUT THIS ONE!!!  Selling my tri bike and my current road bike and buying a really nice road bike.  For some odd reason I have discovered that I really like cycling…… but my road bike is an entry level and heavy and slow and I can’t keep up with the others on it.  (Yes 6000 – I LIKE cycling).  My tri bike is fantastic, but no good for riding with others, although at least I can (usually) keep up.  Trying to explain why on earth I would want to sell my tri bike and replace my other road bike would not be easy though.  Unfortunately my husband does not really want me to do another Ironman, so having a tri bike seems a bit pointless….  Unless of course I can wriggle my way around his little finger and convince him that another Ironman (if the first item on my list does not happen) is not such a bad idea.

·         Of course then there is my desire to climb another mountain.  This one is NOT happening though.  Discussions with Mr OL were held yesterday and this was vetoed.  Hmmmm!  I would love to climb either Mt Elbrus in Russia or Aconcagua in South America.  Probably Elbrus first…..  Well either, but the costs are astronomical so they are both totally out of the question.


OK, maybe I should stop there. This list could go on. But as I said just because it is written down does not mean I have to or am going to do it.