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Apparently my brother is an Ironman?

I realized yesterday that my dad has no idea what I do, or what Ironman is or what is involved.


This was our conversation yesterday.


Dad:  “Not long now till your sister gets here.  Is she doing that thing again?”

Me: “Yes she lands in less than a month and Ironman? Yes, she is doing it again.”


Dad: “Are you?”

Me: “yes I am”

Dad: “Is your brother?”

Me: “No, it is just your daughters that are mad.”

Dad: “But he has done it before.”

Me: “No he hasn’t”

Dad: “Yes he has.’

Me: “No he has not.”


This carried on for a while….


Me: “Dad, I can guarantee you that he has never done an Ironman.”

Dad: “So then what was that thing that he borrowed my old bike for?  That involved a swim and then a bike ride.”

Me: “Huh?”…….“Uhmm, possibly just a normal distance triathlon”

Dad:  “Maybe, but I am sure it was Ironman.”

Me:  “No”

Dad: “But he could do one?”

Me:  “Yes dad, he could do one. Anyone with training can do one.”

Dad: “No, I mean now, he is fit enough.  And he could borrow my bike if he wanted”

Me:  “OK”


My brother - Having fun!
My brother - Having fun!
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Yesterday somebody asked me what damage I think I am doing to my body with all this exercise, what do I think the long term consequences will be?


Damage?????  Hopefully none – I can understand that damage can be caused and yes, I have been to the chiropractor and physio a couple of times with my shoulder but the positives I have been seen far out weigh the negatives.  In fact I believe that my shoulder would have been a problem as I got older anyway, so this just highlighted an existing problem at a time when I could actually deal with it.  Maybe if I were older I might not have been able to take the corrective action I am now able to.   


I can also understand that if you are not properly prepared or push too hard on race day there can be severe damage done to your body.  But with the proper hydration, nutrition and preparation I am hoping that the damage will be minimal.  There are people that need knee and hip replacements that have done no exercise at all throughout their lives. Just because I run does not mean I will need a knee replacement, or do damage to my knees.  



The Long term consequences – well I am hoping that the exercise is actually good for me and my health and therefore I will lead a healthier, happier and longer life?