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Apparently my brother is an Ironman?

I realized yesterday that my dad has no idea what I do, or what Ironman is or what is involved.


This was our conversation yesterday.


Dad:  “Not long now till your sister gets here.  Is she doing that thing again?”

Me: “Yes she lands in less than a month and Ironman? Yes, she is doing it again.”


Dad: “Are you?”

Me: “yes I am”

Dad: “Is your brother?”

Me: “No, it is just your daughters that are mad.”

Dad: “But he has done it before.”

Me: “No he hasn’t”

Dad: “Yes he has.’

Me: “No he has not.”


This carried on for a while….


Me: “Dad, I can guarantee you that he has never done an Ironman.”

Dad: “So then what was that thing that he borrowed my old bike for?  That involved a swim and then a bike ride.”

Me: “Huh?”…….“Uhmm, possibly just a normal distance triathlon”

Dad:  “Maybe, but I am sure it was Ironman.”

Me:  “No”

Dad: “But he could do one?”

Me:  “Yes dad, he could do one. Anyone with training can do one.”

Dad: “No, I mean now, he is fit enough.  And he could borrow my bike if he wanted”

Me:  “OK”


My brother - Having fun!
My brother - Having fun!

6 thoughts on “Apparently my brother is an Ironman?

  1. Whenever I tell someone i am training for an Ironman they say “Didn’t you already do that?” referring to the olympic distance triathlon I do every year, or they say ” My mom did one of those at the YMCA (a type of family gym)”


    You are so close!! Very exciting! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  2. 6000 – you mean like flippers?
    Lynette – I am not sure, he seems to injure himself more than I do.
    Hanlie – very true.
    RBR – Luckily being a host city there is usually a pretty good understanding. But not always……
    Tricia – I think to a lot of people think any triathlon is an Ironman and visa versa.

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