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Let the taper begin!

So this past week was the longest in my Ironman training program – 18hours!!!!!  Now it begins to taper down – just as well, I don’t think my marriage would have survived another week or weekend like this one. 


On Friday evening our sea swim was cancelled.  The sea was too bad, and this time it was not just me chickening out.  NOBODY went in.  The East had been blowing for a few days so there were bluebottles, and it was rough!  In fact only myself and the two girls I normally swim with even went down to look. 


On Saturday I was had to run 30km!  So I decided to do a local 15km race, just so I could have some support for part of the run and then do 15km on my own.  It worked really well.  I ran to the start (2.5km), did the 15km race and then took the long way home (12.5km).  During the actual race I watched my HR and tried to keep it down, so that I was not distracted by the people around me and go faster than I was comfortable with.  It seemed to work really well, and every now and then I would catch my HR going up so I would slow down.  I think I am going to run all my races in the future like this.  I really enjoyed it and I did it FASTER then I have ever done a 15km before.  I beat my personal best by 7 minutes.  I know I have said this before, but boy oh boy does training pay off!  Also – I beat my MOM!! The only problem is that I don’t think I can claim it because she was not feeling well.  It is only fair that I say I beat her, when she is on top form.  So I will have to save that goal for another day.  (EDITED TO ADD:- apparently I came 8th in my age group!!!!)


The run after the race was tough!  It really heated up and I started battling at the 27km mark.  Battling might be bit of an understatement.  I walked the last 2km.  But I was very happy with the run over all.


Then on Sunday – I cycled 150km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  On Saturday evening I tweaked my bike set up a bit more – and guess what it worked.  No sore shoulder.  I could not believe it, what a difference.  And the ride was great.  The wind had changed to a west, which suits the IM route.  We did two laps, and a bit extra. 


My next few weeks training hours look like this: 10 hours, 13 hours, 8 hours and then 5 (excluding the race).  Whoo Hooo!


I can now say that I feel ready. My longest runs and rides have gone well, I am approaching taper confident and injury free!  I am happy, let this feeling continue!!!!!!!


Go have a look here (LINK) Port Elizabeth Daily Photo’s for photo’s of Marine Drive and some idea of what we cycle next to.  BEAUTIFUL!  Even when the wind blows – which is most of the time

5 thoughts on “Let the taper begin!

  1. Charisa – thanks. And so am I. It was amazing – I am sure that by the end of the ride my training partners were sick to death of hearing that my shoulder did NOT hurt!
    6000 – cry and then buckle down and get on with it. If the wind is blowing a really strong east and the sea is bad they cancle the swim (and an extra run before the bike) and I have heard they change the direction we cycle the loop.??? If it is blowing a really strong westerly they will leave things as they are, it blows the sea flat. Just pray it is not as stong as you guys had it on Sunday!!!

  2. Wow, I like the idea of using races as training! Craig wants to know what your time was on the 15 km… I was reading the post to him.

    I’m glad you feel so prepared!

  3. Hanlie – using the race made a big difference. It was nice to have people around, and of course the water points helped a lot!!! My time was 1hour28minutes.

    This was MUCH, MUCH better than I was expecting! I have never run that fast before.

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