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This is my goal!

I am lacking motivation to blog at the moment.  Infact I think I am lacking motivation to do anything at the moment.  That is anything besides Ironman related stuff.  I said I was not going to let this take over my life but at the moment it is all I can think about! 


26 DAYS!!!!  Woo Hoo.


So please excuse me if this blog is a bit lack luster for the next month or so.


Training is tapering and excitement is growing……


I am already beginning to think of the transition bags, what to put in them, what to put in my special needs bags etc.  Actually who am I kidding, I am not “beginning” to think about it.  I have thought about it A LOT.


I will write a list later, just on the off chance that anybody is interested in what will keep me going on the day.


I have also begun to think about my goals. What time would I like to do?  I had one time in my mind when I started training for this year, but am readjusting it as my training has gone on.  I am just worried that I am putting too much pressure on myself.  Maybe I should keep my goal at what I originally set out to achieve.


Goal number one is obviously to finish – you never know what can happen on the day!  Then the initial time I wanted to do it in was 15 hours 30 minutes. 


But now………… I don’t know, should I leave my goal there, or move it.  Challenge myself a bit more.  The only problem then is if I don’t make my new goal I might be disappointed.  Or I might push myself to hard and bomb out totally.


Let me just write it down


New goal – when I am feeling optimistic


Swim – 1h30

Transition 1 – 15minutes  (these should not be this long, but it gives me time to play with)

Bike – 7 hours  (averaging at +/-26km/h)

Transition 2 – 15 minutes

Run – 5h30


This gives me a total of 14h30…………  So, I guess it is official (now that I have written it down).  I want to finish Ironman South Africa in under 14 and a half hours.  Unrealistic – I hope not!