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3rd Girl out the water!!!!!!

We went to East London for the weekend to help celebrate a friend’s 40th but when we phoned another friend to ask if we could stay with him, he said it was fine, but he had entered a triathlon on the Sunday morning so it could not be a late night.  Woo Hoo! I did not even realise there was one on (the downfalls of boycotting the local radio station).  PERFECT!  An Olympic distance tri fits nicely in my training schedule for the weekend.  BUT, I was not going to race it – I was going to watch my HR and just have fun. 


As I was swimming I tried to look back at one stage and saw nobody behind me and thought “Crap I am last – oh well, just enjoy it!” Then when I got to the beach at the end of lap one and looked around I realised there were a few people behind me.  When I ran up the beach at the end of the swim people were shouting “3rdgirl out the water”!


THIRD GIRL OUT THE WATER!!! Screw the Heart Rate – the race is on.  I have never had such a fast transition before.  Who knows how I got my wetsuit off that fast?  But I went flying out on my bike – until I hit the first hill.  Hmmph!  My cycling still needs a bit of work. 


These were my thoughts on the bike.  “Third girl, third girl, third girl!!!!  Who knew I was actually a Type A personality after all? Third girl, third girl, third girl”  Infact I was thinking that pretty much until the 4th girl passed me, and then the 5th – DAMMIT, my cycling has improved dramatically but not enough.  I figured I would probably blow it on the cycle, so I must concentrate and worry more about my HR, I have bigger fish to fry in 3 weeks, so I calmed down, slowed down to a more doable pace and enjoyed the race – but BLOODY HELL East London has hills.  Ours look more like mole hills compared to theirs. 


I was trying to figure out where I was in comparison to the other girls.  How many had passed me on the bike?  What position was I in – normally not a problem, because I am usually last?  On the run I concentrated more on my HR and tried to keep it between 160 – 164 beats per minute.  The first 2km were hard.  I was beginning to wonder if I was really ready for IM after all.  I mean here I had only cycled 40km and I thought I was going to die!  But it got better, much better.  I was also trying to see where the other girls were.  It was difficult to gauge as we had now mixed in with the people doing the sprint triathlon.  But our numbers were different so I notice a few girls doing the Olympic but because it was 2 laps of the same course I was not sure if they were ahead or behind me.  It was only at the final turn around that I realised a few of them were behind me, and pretty close behind – SCREW THE HEART RATE – RUN DAMMIT!  So that is what I did.  Only one girl passed me on the run, and that was in the final kilometer.  I just could not keep up!  But I managed to stay ahead of the others. 


So, 3rd girl out the water!  Passed by 2 on the bike and 1 on the run!  Makes me SIXTH GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not last girl, Sixth girl.  WOO HOO.  Ok, so it turns out that there were only 10 girls competing so no matter what I would have finished in the Top 10 but still.  My run time was my fasted 10km run EVER!  Not just in a triathlon – EVER!  It was 54 minutes 39 seconds!  And I was THIRD girl out the water!  My final time was 2 hours 56 minutes.  This means I was nearly a HOUR quicker than my last Olympic time, which I did 2 seasons ago.  A whole HOUR – looks like the training is actually paying off?? 


I gave my husband my camera and asked him to take photos – Hmmm, so maybe not, I got one of his foot and two of his friends…


3rd girl out the water, 3rd girl out the water, 3rd girl out the water – and just for good measure – 20 days till IMSA!!!!

8 thoughts on “3rd Girl out the water!!!!!!

  1. Melody – Thanks
    RBR – I think so, I am feeling a lot more confident after this race….
    Charisa – I know, thanks it felt great!
    Hanlie – Thank you.

  2. Wicked way to race – I’ve got an Oly distance this weekend, and I can only hope I run my 10kms that fast too….. the race is now on baby!

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