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Forced to hit the shops…

We had our first taste of winter yesterday and I did not like it one little bit!!! 


I am a summer person.  I like the longer days, the bright blue skies and the warmth!  I am a total wimp when it comes to cold weather.  Probably just as well then that I live in Port Elizabeth – our idea of a cold day is anything below 20 degrees Celsius! Brrrrrrr……


Today is slightly warmer (thankfully), and apparently the forecast for the rest of the week is good but still, it was a reminder that summer is nearly over and that winter is on its way.  Tonights sea swim might be a bit chilly.  The sea temp on the weekend was 16 degrees C!

It was also a reminder that I need to do some shopping.  Besides my cycle and running shoes I don’t own a single pair of closed toe shoes!!!  Hmm, I am thinking a nice pair of black boots….  I mean they are essential for winter aren’t they????


Then in much more important news, my sister gets back from the UK in 2 weeks today!!! Woo hoo, she is here for 3 weeks and I can’t wait!!!!


8 thoughts on “Forced to hit the shops…

  1. Yes, black boots are indeed essential for winter – Woolies have fab ones at the mo!

    I so know the feeling of excitement re your sister coming back from the UK – i go through that annually when my sis goes on her yearly jaunts overseas!

  2. Shayne – at the moment it looks like my sister will only be making annual jaunts back here. I miss her terribly!
    Charisa – I suppose at least the advantage of your winter is you actually get snow and can ski and stuff. We don’t get cold enough to do that, only cold enough to get miserable!
    Wonker – thanks
    Lynette – ME TOO!
    6000 – what? you missed it??? 17 DAYS!!!!!!

  3. yes, I am tapering. Although mabye a bit too much….. I take my taper very seriously. Ha, ha. Yay, 17 DAYS!! I am so excited!

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