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It is weird how you remember stuff from your childhood.  Things that you have overheard and at the time had no bearing on your life what so ever!  Or maybe that is just me?


I remember arb stuff. 


Like a conversation that two older guys(they were probably only about 18 or 19) were having about girls who shaved their legs and how far up a girl should shave – I was no where near the age of where I would have started shaving my legs but for some reason that conversation stuck.  I can’t remember the names of the guys, but I can remember the conversation very clearly and have not shaved my legs any further than they suggested was sexy….. Luckily I don’t have very hairy legs.


Another conversation I overheard when I was a child came flooding back yesterday – at the MOST inopportune time.  My parents had friends that used to race Hobie Cats (ever wondered how Hobie Beach got its name?)  The conversation I overheard was about how every time they went out they would see Hammerhead sharks circling the “coke can”.  So when did I remember this conversation, hmmmm possibly last night as I was a kilometer out to sea and SWIMMING around the “coke can”.  The “coke can’ is a large metal buoy painted in the colours of – well a coke can.  It has been an icon off our coast for as long as I can remember but not one I usually chose to swim around. 

(click HERE for a link to a photo of the coke can) 

Hobie Beach, when there were still Hobie Cats on it
Hobie Beach, when there were still Hobie Cats on it



The swim went well though, even if I was slightly concerned… The sea was really cold but flat and clear and I loved it.  It is an annual swim for Ironman entrants and I would say there were probably around about 80 – 100 people swimming.  It is free to enter and they always have excellent speakers, LOTS of free food and really good lucky draw prizes – of which I won NONE! 


Raynard Tissink is a past winner of Ironman South Africa, a local and was one of the speakers last night.  I really hope he wins again this year (I bet he does too).  He has such support from the local community and it is always good to see a local win it.  Although it looks like he will have serious competition this year again, 2 other past winners competing.  Good luck to him, I will be holding thumbs!!!!  OK, maybe not literally as I will be too busy talking part, but will wish him well as he laps me (twice) on the bike.