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Reasons to be happy

3 reasons to be very happy


I have many more, but here are my top 3 at the moment.


  1. My sister gets here in less than 2 weeks!  And I have taken 3 weeks leave to spend the time with her while she is here – woo hoo…
  2. Ironman South Africa is only 16 days away and I am so ready for it!!!  I can’t wait, and it is just as well that it is happening soon because these dark morning suck – well they would if I was actually getting up.  Taper is a good excuse….  Although I am not supposed to be tapering quite as much as I am..  Rather under trained than over trained though….
  3. It’s the WEEKEND BABY!!!  And that is reason enough to be happy.

 Opps, I actually have 4!


  1. I got an increase today.  Not as much as I was hoping for but every bit helps!!!


So what are your top reasons to be happy?