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13 Days

13 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Woo hooo……………….


I went down to the beachfront on Friday and they have started building the scaffolding and stuff that will be the walk ways over roads, that will mark off the transition areas and various other things.  The flag poles along Shark Rock Pier (yes, unfortunate name) are up and it is all VERY, VERY exciting.


When it gets this close I miss not living down at the beach front.  You can almost feel the excitement building, even amongst those people that are not competing.  I know some people who have booked hotel rooms down on the course for that weekend just so they will be down there early and have a good vantage point.


Can you tell I am getting excited?  I think I might just have to start taking my Rescue Remedy soon or I am not going to get any sleep or be able to eat anything! 

9 thoughts on “13 Days

  1. That’s kinda funny about the Rescue Remedy… we use that on the farm all the time to help the pigs calm down when they get stressed, like if they are having a hoof trim or something. It’s good stuff! (and only 27% alcohol) : )

    Yeah, I can tell you’re excited…. and have every right to be!! Can’t wait to hear about it… wish I could be one of the onlookers, cheering you on. I’ll just have to yell really loud from here so you can hear me. : )

  2. Gosh – can’t believe it’s so close! I’ll be cheering you on (well from the television anyway!).

    Who cares how much alcohol is in Rescue!!! it’s fab stuff and quite safe!

  3. 6000 – why do you think it works…… (or why I use it?)
    Jennifer – we use it on everybody in our family, including the animals. I remember a time when my sister was riding in a show and her and the horse fell at a jump. My mom went dashing across the field and gave drops to both my sister and the horse. It is also good for animals that get stressed with thunder and lightning.
    6000 – who knew that many people would search “man of war jelly fish”??????
    Kristin – thanks (so much for the names of our blogs being original)
    Shayne – thank you – and I agree about the RR.

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