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There is always something

So now not only do I have to worry about sharks, bluebottles and jelly fish, I also have to worry about false killer whales…..


There is something to be said for the biodiversity of our area, quality of our water and all of that but really!!!!


I had never even heard of “false killer whales” before?  Killer whales or Orca’s yip, but this other kind, nope? 


There is only one thing I do when confronted with something I have not heard of before – PANIC!!!  It has the word Killer in it, and then I Goggle it.


So apparently they are quite widespread but pretty rare.  They live in temperate and tropical waters.  They usually live in deeper waters but have been seen in the shallows.  Well, that would explain the sightings off our beaches yesterday. 


In Australia they are busy trying to save a few of these mammals after 25 beached themselves a couple of days ago.  I hope they manage to save the surviving ones.


After all the Googling, it appears I don’t have too much to worry about.  There don’t seem to have been any recorded attacks on humans, although they have been known to attack other dolphins.


But either way, if I saw a fin that size while I was in the water I think I might just die of a heart attack way before I got bitten.


False Killer Whale
False Killer Whale


HERE is a link to some info about them

5 thoughts on “There is always something

  1. This is a bad time to say “first time for everything”, right?
    Why would they be attracted into the shallows by a few hundred snacks splashing about, anyway?

    Oh… hang on…

  2. charisa – maybe I’ll just have to make sure I am not right at the front (not really a problem) or right at the back (hopefully not any).
    6000 – the words “bait ball” keep playing on my mind…..

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