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A confession….

I have a very shameful secret… 


One I am soooo embarrassed to admit.  I can’t actually believe that I am going to write about it.  But I suppose if you are going to admit something like this, then where better than on your blog.


I of course had to tell my husband first, I could not let something like this get out in public without giving him fair warning.  But it turns out he had an idea anyway.  I suppose it is quite difficult to hide something like this from the person you live with.  I guess the humming along and the turning the volume up on the TV kind of gave it away….


Oh the humiliation – please don’t tell anybody else but I am a HUGE fan of Robbie.  And we are not talking Robbie Williams here (that I am a fan of him is NO secret).  I am talking about Robbie Wessels……


Ok, I will admit it – I am a fan of Robbie Wessels.  Ever since I first saw the Leeuloop video while standing in Pick n’ Pay Hypermarket I have been hooked.  And now the Vodacom advert – Player 23!


Not sure what it is about him?  Maybe it is his catching lyrics or the way he moves but I just can’t help myself. 


Thank fully it is not that bad that I have actually gone out and bought a CD or anything, but still – the shame of it…..