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I am NOT walking!

I finally found the photo’s from the Sunshine Coast Triathlon.  I knew they had been taken by Rob Pollock Photography but up until now they had nothing on their site.  I also knew that they were up in a shopping centre in East London, a little bit too far just to look at photos.  But, woo hoo they are now online. Well it was woo hoo until I found the photos of me!!!


Why is it that I do my best time ever in a 10km EVER and yet in the photo’s it looks like I am walking!!!!  I was not walking, I promise.


Also why is it that I just look like crap in all my “action” shots!  I will never be that cute little girl that looks hot while competing.  I will always be that girl that just looks hot (as in about to die from heat exhaustion) while competing.


This is the first photo of me on my bike, I am pretty happy with it.  At least it looks like I am going forwards.

3rd Girl!
3rd Girl out the water!
I am NOT walking - dammit!
I am NOT walking - dammit!
So I might be freewheeling??
So I might be freewheeling??
The finish line!
The finish line!
It’s funny, these photo’s are taken by a Pollock, because lately the way most people seem to have stumbled onto my site is because of that post I did about the Jackson Pollock picture our art class was inspired by.

6 thoughts on “I am NOT walking!

  1. Thanks Lynette – I was 3rd girl out the water, but ended up coming 6th girl over all. I was pretty proud of myself though.

  2. Hell, I’m exhausted after just seeing these… well done… I think they look great!

    My action shots would be me crying as I crawled along begging them to let me stop…

  3. Those tri-bars look slightly too high… And the saddle… a bit too low…

    Also, you seem to have done a quadathlon – swimming (3rd girl out of the water, nogal), running past a dustbin, riding a dodgy bike and then some more running. Try and limit yourself to three legs per event to save time.

  4. Clive – thanks, and that was me last year. It is amazing what a difference a bit of training can do.
    6000 – Ha, ha, I had to go back to the photos to see what you were talking about. At first I thought your reference to the rubbish bin was me wearing a black bag (wetsuit). And thanks for the advice – I will try and remember it on the 5th.
    Firefly – it is great fun!

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