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Reasons to love today!!!

It’s Friday!


And being the last Friday of the month also means it’s casual day at work- I love wearing jeans. 


Also seeing as it is Friday, we have a sea swim planned for later this afternoon.  It will be one of my last before IMSA, although when my sister gets here I know she will want to dunk herself in the sea, so I have at least one more scheduled.


AND I have the afternoon off!  Woo hoo – we get one afternoon off a month and I have saved mine till now.  I am going shopping, which is not something I do often.  Well at least I don’t normally go to shops that sell girly stuff.  I can be found in hardware stores, nurseries and garden supplies stores, bike shops, outdoor shops or sports shops on a regular basis but not usually in clothes shops.  Today I am on a mission!  I want a pair of knee length black boots for winter!  What are the chances of me actually finding a pair that I like though – or a pair that actually fits around my calves (the joys of having done Highland Dancing for 10 years)???? 


Then, one more reason to love today – I have NOTHING planned for this evening and I can’t wait.  How sad is it that I am looking forward to a Friday night in?  It was not so long ago that I was a major party girl, now the highlight of my week is a quiet night so I can get up early…..  How life has changed!