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Trust me, I’m the Weather Man????

So we are in our final week before Ironman South Africa.  6 More days!!!! 


And the panicked phone calls, sms’s and Facebook comments about the weather have started appearing.


Have you seen the 7 day forecast?  What’s the wind doing?  Oh my word is it true – 32 degrees?  It’s an East!!!!  And such like….


Well I was not going to look.  I had decided that there was nothing much I could do about the weather so I was not going to stress about it (just yet). I know the forecast changes by the hour and 6 days is a long time to be on a weather vigil. 


But it got to me – I succumbed to peer pressure and went online and looked.  Actually I “consulted” 3 different sites. 


So this is what I found out.  It might be anywhere between 28 and 34 degrees maximum.  The wind might blow, if it does it might be anywhere between 7 knots and 25 knots.  The direction might be a South East or North West???  And the weather man knows nothing.


The only thing they all seem to have in common is that it is going to be hot, LOTS of sunscreen is going to be necessary, there is no rain forecast and there is going to be a light wind, the direction of which is questionable.


I suppose at least the light wind might cool us down…..