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I can’t sleep

My sister gets back tomorrow!  I can’t wait. Truthfully I think I am more excited to see her than I am for Ironman. 


We have so much planned – obviously Ironman being one of the things.  But we are also plan on eating a lot of sushi and going hiking.  Although I am not so sure how wise hiking less than a week after completing Ironman is, especially not a 5 day hike, carrying a full pack.  Hmmm, maybe we should rethink that idea.  Or bribe somebody to carry our stuff for us……  Any volunteers????  Nope, I thought not!


Tomorrow is also my last day of work for 20 days!!!!  I have taken leave whilst my sister is here, so I can spend time with her.  With all the public holidays it makes sense.  I don’t need to use up too many leave days.  I doubt I would be very productive during this time anyway. 


Actually I doubt anybody is going to be very productive during this time. Can you believe that this is the last full work week for over a month?  From now on it is either 3 or 4 days a week.  Pure madness…..


So, my blog might (will) be a lot quieter.  I will try and get online quite often, and I will most definitely post how my race went but please bare with me on the silences over the next few weeks.



11 thoughts on “I can’t sleep

  1. Oh how exciting. I hope you have a fabulous time with your sister – treasure every moment together.

    And once again, good luck for the Iron Man.

    You’ll do great!

  2. Good luck with your IronMan 🙂

    As for the hiking offer, who knows. A five days hiking would be nice, but Canada is a bit far from you …

  3. 6000 – really, life will go on without me around. Surely not???????? how could you. I would have thought out of respect for my sore legs you might at least have taken a break. Jokes.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes, it is appreciated.

  4. I have an idea that you will suffer a bit over the 5 days with Ironman legs from less than a week before. Where you going? Maybe I should take off and offer to carry your bag. It will get me out this madhouse of an office.

  5. rlejeune – Thanks, and yes Canada might be a bit far. But just think of it as a winter getaway?? Or spring now I suppose.
    Firefly – We are doing the Tsitsikamma trail. And I agree, I think I will suffer. But then I would probably suffer regardless. And I am not sure, the people I am going with are all pretty mad (their family so I can say so) so you might just be swopping one lot for another….
    JohnnyTri – Bribes – that might work, this is Africa after all.
    Tricia – thank you!!

  6. Will be thinking of you this weekend…you are the only one I know (If you can call a blogging buddy somebody you know?) that are competing…I know that you will do well. Best of luck. Enjoy every moment of your holiday and most of all enjoy the time with your sister.

  7. Have fun with your sister and good luck with the Ironman… I’ll be thinking about you! I’ll miss you not posting as much but you can make that up by having a blast with your sis and then telling all the sordid stories when you do get back in here… ; )

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