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Awesome, awesome, awesome

I will write more about the race later, but I just wanted to say that I had an awesome day, an awesome race and the support from everybody was great!!! 

Thank you all for all your encouragement and kind words.  It means so much to me.

Then about that 14hour30!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO, so it turns out it was not that unrealistic.  My official time was 13 hours 32 minutes and 8 seconds.  I am over the moon.  Especially considering the temperature was over 35 degrees C (95.9 F).  In other words BLOODY HOT!!!! 

Then in my last 8 km of the run the wind picked up.  I don’t mean there was a slight breeze.  There was a huge gust, just as I turned to face that direction and I got blown 3 steps backwards.  It was so bad the HUGE marquee where the medical team, the after race massages and food where blew into the sea.  It was pretty scary.

I am on holiday for a couple of weeks, so my access to the internet is going to be limited. I will try and write a more detailed report shortly though.

Just to say that I am on such a high, and can’t believe how well I did.  I beat my last time by over 3 HOURS!!! 

Once again, thank you for all the amazing support!


12 thoughts on “Awesome, awesome, awesome

  1. Well I think you are just awesome and you are my new personal hero! Seriously, you have inspired me to join a gym… which I just did yesterday!! I am still nervous and scared to go but by the time you get back on here regularly after your vacation, I will have overcome my fear! I will!! So thank you for that!! : )

    Have a great time off and fun with your sister!!

  2. You are such a rock star! You exceeded your previous time by THREE HOURS?? Omiword. thought so much about you on the day. Am going through your entries now and reading all about it. You are such an inspiration girl!!

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