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Now how am I going to complain?

I loved being on holiday, and I am loving all the public holidays at the moment. 


There is only one problem.  It reminds me how much I like being at home.  It makes coming in to work very difficult.  I have been mumbling and moaning for the last 2 days (yes, that is all I have worked this month) about work.  But then, just to make me feel extremely guilty, the company I work for goes and does something very surprising and totally out of the blue!


They called a meeting this morning to congratulate me on my Ironman performance, saying that I did the company proud and gave me a gift voucher for a massage.  Yippee!!!!  Damn…  Now how am I going to complain?


For all my muttering and moaning I do really like the company.  The CEO is great, and I love the fact that as a company we are so involved in various charities.  For a small company we really do give quite a bit back.  So much so that I knew when I asked them to sponsor me to run for a charity they would.  It also made my Ironman more special to know that I was doing it for more than just myself and that some other people were benefiting too.  Doing it with “Ironman 4 Kidz” really added to the experience and I would recommend to other PE people thinking of doing IMSA next year to think about doing it for them too.