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My mom is faking an injury…….

Well at least, I keep telling her she is faking it.  She is just scared that I might actually beat her in the next race so has decided not to do it.  Hmph, given that this might be the time when I am at my absolute fittest and is probably the best chance I have at beating her I am not surprised she is scared….


Ok, so there might be a slim possibility that she is not really faking it.  She is Scottish after all and the chances that she would spend money at a Chiropractor unless she really believed she had a problem are absolutely non existent.  I should maybe be a little more compassionate?


Unlike after my last Ironman, I have actually been for a few runs.  I even very nearly got on my bike, but thankfully was spared that because of really bad weather.  This morning I woke up at 4, got changed and was just about to head out the door when my phone rang and the others cancelled.  I have never been so happy to receive a phone call at 4.30 in the morning.  It was raining and dark and I really did not feel like going for my first ride in a few weeks in weather like that.