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8 things!

Thankfully I was tagged by Shayne because I think I have gone brain dead with all these holidays.  I just can’t think of anything, never mind just blogging stuff.


So here it is.  It is a meme about 8 things.  The rules are simple (thankfully for a brain dead person) but even though they are simple I am going to break them.  Well just the last one.  I am not going to tag anyone, if you want to do it, please do and then leave a comment and tell me you have so I can pop over to your blog and read your answers.


Here are my answers.


8 Things I am looking forward to:

            1.  Another long weekend (yes, this is another 3 day work week)

            2.  Hiking the Whale Trail later in the year.

            3.  My sister coming back for a week in November (for my brother’s wedding)

            4.  The days getting longer!  Yes I know, but it will happen eventually.

5.  Lunch

6.  Winning the lottery (positive thinking)

7.  Spar Ladies 10km race this weekend.

8.  Going to watch the latest Centrestage production next weekend.


8 Things I did yesterday

            1.  Cycled 65km, in awesome weather.

            2.  Cleaned the blinds in the living room (you won’t believe how long that took)

            3.  Checked Facebook on my phone.

            4.  Cooked lunch – it was yummy.

            5.  Played with Miss Molly (cat)

            6.  Watched TV

            7.  Looked at property adverts again

            8.  Dreamt up ways I could afford to give up work


8 Things I wish I could do

            1.  Figure out a way to make an income without being tied to a job.

            2.  Hike to Everest Base camp.

            3.  Communicate better.

            4.  Know what I really wanted and how to get it.

            5.  Sing (or be in the slightest little way musical)

            6.  Travel more, but still have home as a base to come back to.

            7.  Buy more property

            8.  Fly to England to visit my sister!!!!


8 Shows I Watch

            1.  Grey’s Anatomy

            2.  The Mentalist

3.  CSI (any and all of them)

4.  Law and Order

5.  Grand Design (I love watching the process of building your own home)

6.  Top Gear

7.  Homes Under the Hammer

8.  Most things on BBC Lifestyle that are related to food!!!


8 People I am tagging

            Ok, this part I am not doing, Please let me know of you do this so I can read your answers.


7 thoughts on “8 things!

  1. Yup, i’m addicted to BBC food channel too – prob explains why that darned 5kg’s keeps on coming back!

    Thanks for playing along and glad I could be of help to one brain dead person!

  2. HI there – like you I was rescued from blog-braindeadness by this tag.
    It was fun to do hey?
    Just to let you know I gave it a bash too.

    Am always blown away by your athletic escapades!

  3. Shayne, looks like you have helped a lot of brain dead people. And yes, BBC Food is the reason why I need to run (lots)
    Jennifer – take it with pleasure, I will pop over and see what you have written.
    Allie – thanks and thanks for letting me know, I will come and have a read.
    Tricia – I know, it is a fun one along our beachfront so I can’t wait.

  4. FF – if I find a way I will let you know. Don’t hold your breath though, it might take me a while to figure it out.

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