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What fun

It is my afternoon to volunteer at the children’s home and it feels like forever since I was last there. 


I saw the girls just before Ironman but that was only because I was doing it for that charity there was a press conference and photo shoot held at the home  It has been ages since I have sat and chatted to them and helped them with their home work and I have missed them.


Odd hey?  I don’t see them that much but I am sure I enjoy my visits just as much as they do – if not more.  And here is me thinking I am not a “children person”.


So, not only is this a short work week (3 days) but I am out of the office this afternoon too.  I will really be getting into the holiday swing of things and NOT wanting to get back and buckle down next week.  I have basically had this whole month off….

3 thoughts on “What fun

  1. Good for you…so few people give of their time to charity…it is usually so easy to just give money. It is great that you are prepared to get out of your comfort zone and be relevant in the community.

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