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Fired for Facebook status!

I am amazed by what some people write on their blogs and Facebook status.  Mr OL sent this link to me.  Not sure why……  For some reason he seems to think I spend too much time on line at work????  Don’t know where he gets that from……  

I was actually thinking about what people write on their blogs or Facebook status yesterday.  I came across a blog where this girl was constantly complaining about her boss.  I think every second post had something about him in it.  The thing is her name and the city she lived in was on her blog.  The company that she worked for was not, but it would not be that hard to find out where she worked. 

I am also amazed at the amount of people that write if they are going away on holiday or even for the weekend.  I am sure that it would not be that difficult (if you were that way inclined) to find out where they live.  What more do you need, you already know that their house is going to be empty for a specific period.  I know on Facebook it is only your “friends” that can see your status (or at least that is how mine is set up) but still – some of those “friends” I last saw at school and it is our 20 year reunion this year. 

I am very aware of what I write.  I know my full name is very easy to find out.  I know by Ironman pictures and the company I work for is not that difficult to figure out.  But I don’t slag them off.  I also don’t write if I am going away on holiday – or at least I don’t give the dates.  I usually only say what it was like when I return.   I might write that I am on leave from work, but not that I am going out of town.  (This is SA after all).

The stuff I write about work is not a secret – even my boss knows that I am not that busy.  Or at least she should – I am constantly asking for more work or more involvement.  They know I spend time online.  I give feedback about websites and ideas for the development for our online profile.  I put my internet surfing down as “research” cough, cough, splutter (ok so that might be slight, uhmmm, exaggeration) 

How careful are you about what you write?

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Ask a busy person

Why is it that when I was training for Ironman I could always make it to work on time if not early?  Now I just managed to run through the door on time – not late (well except for yesterday) – but never early? 

Yes, I was getting up much earlier but I was also doing so much more?  I would drive to meet my friends, cycle for nearly 2 hours, drive home, shower, change etc… If my maid was coming that day I would put the washing in the machine, sometimes early enough to get two loads done.  Today, she had to do it because I was too late.  What the heck is going on?

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Can I join you?

There is one thing about getting fitter and faster that I really enjoy and that is my new found sense of confidence in my own abilities. 

Before I would always run alone – I would very rarely join a group.  I always thought that I would be slowest or I would not be able to last the distance and have to walk.  Lately however I have realized that I don’t have to worry about having to walk.  Or not being able to keep up.  I am just as fit as they are.  Maybe still not as fast, but then it is a training run anyway and not a race. 

On Saturday I joined a group run for the first time.  It was fun.  There were about 12 of us and I was not the slowest and even if I had been it would not have really mattered.  They stopped off at various places along the route to drink water and let every one catch up.  I really enjoyed it and it made 19km go very quickly – having somebody to talk to helps. 

Then last night I went for my first run with a running club.  I have also always been nervous to join a club and still am a bit, but I went along anyway – just to see.  We did 10 kms and once again talking made it seem a lot shorter.  I must admit that I did stop chatting every time we hit a hill though. 

 It was lots of fun and I will go back next week.

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I started this blog post so many times today and each time I have deleted what I wrote.  I don’t want it to sound about me.  I also don’t want it to sound like I am just writing something because, well, just to write something.

A top local cyclist died on the road yesterday – Kim Trzebiatowsky.  I knew her, although not very well.  I used to work with her and when I first started cycling I asked her lots of questions.  She was always so helpful and such a nice person.  One of the first things I asked her was how she dealt with the traffic.  I was terrified and wondered how others got over that fear.  She said she was always scared on the roads, and that was one of the reasons why she became a track cyclist.  I suppose now her fears were justified.  My heart goes out to her family and friends and especially her 4 children.  In this case I believe the motorist was not to blame, it was an accident and my thoughts are also with the driver.  

When something like this happens it really makes you think about the things that you do though.  It makes you really appreciate your family and loved ones.  It also makes you realise that cycling is a dangerous sport!  Do you continue to do it or do you live in fear?  I suppose you need to weigh up the odds.  I get to see places of our city that others don’t.  I get to see the mist over the lake on Lake Farm road early in the morning when others are asleep.  I get to see that bush buck drinking from stream at the bottom of Old Seaview Road without him running away because of a noise of an engine.  I get to see the sunrises and Maitlands and the other beautiful places just on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth that I would never normally go to and at times that I would never normally go.  I get to enjoy that feeling of freedom and excitement and the joy of getting fitter.  So do I let the fear of an accident stop me from doing all of this?  

Yes, I suppose by cycling I am increasing my odds of being in an accident, but I could be in a car accident on the way to work?  I could be walking along the road….. 

I suppose all I really need to say is my thoughts are with Kim’s family!

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Sitting in reception!

So I am sitting at reception this afternoon – should be relatively easy.  Besides the Director and myself the office is empty.  Everybody else is at a Stork Party.  I don’t know the girl so I volunteered to act as receptionist so that the receptionist could go. 

At least I only need to know how to transfer to one person so I can’t really get confused. 

When I first started working I did a lot of temp jobs.  I was in London and took what ever I could get until I landed a job as a receptionist!  As a job it sucks (or at least I suck at it) and I take my hat off to anybody who can do it successfully and still remain polite and smile. 

After a very unsuccessful stint as receptionist in London I said NEVER EVER again.  When ever I went to a temp agency looking for work I only had 2 criterea.  It must not be reception and must in now way be related to anything medical (but that is a whole different story). 

Thankfully today is going better – I am getting supplied with cupcakes and snacks so all is good!

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A buyers market?

I went to look at a house yesterday.  What a dive!  There is no way I think he will get anywhere near his asking price.  I don’t think his estate agent does either as she made a point of telling me that he was very negotiable and that I should put in an offer of what ever I thought, not matter what. 

Well I am tempted.  Just to see how low he will go.  For investment (renting out) purposes it could be quite a good buy but it would depend on how low you could get it for.  Obviously if you could cover your bond with the income received then it might be viable but as it is at the moment….Not a chance. 

Then the other thing is – do I actually want more tenants.  Whilst things are going well I tend to forget about all the crap I have had to deal with over the past couple of years.  It is great when they pay on time and don’t damage things, but then there is the other side.  Do I really want more of that stress?  

For now I think not.  In this case I think it will be a case of I went, I saw, I declined to offer.

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Finally figured something out.

Ok, little bit more on my “something new”.  And I do realise that this is not going to be as exciting for anybody else as it is for me so sorry to get you all guessing.  And 6000 – it has nothing to do with kids!  At least not any future kids of mine. 

I am one of those confused people – I don’t know what I want to do with my life or career.  I took one of those aptitude tests when I was younger and it was NO help what so ever.  I have also done tests that see what side of the brain you use most and see if that would give you some direction – no good!  I apparently am good at almost everything but don’t excel at any one thing and I think and use my right and left sides of my brain equally.  I am not talking maybe 49% and 51%, I am talking 50/50! 

However, although I don’t know what the specific “job” should be I know how I should feel doing it!  And I have FINALLY realized how to get that feeling.  I need to do something that benefits others.  The closest I have come to that feeling was when I worked for a charity organization in London. Although I was not overly enthusiastic about the job at least I could go to work and know that what I was doing was making a difference.  Now again with the kids from the children’s home; I feel good when I go there.  In fact, I have left a job before where I was getting the exact opposite feeling.  The company I worked for was “stealing” (not literally) from the people who needed help the most and I could not work at a place like that.  

I also don’t like working for somebody else, I like working where I feel valued, where what I do counts and where I can be creative.  The solution – do something on my own! 

So how am I going to achieve this?  That I still need to figure out, but I have a pretty good idea.  It will be part time initially (because there is no way I can afford to leave my job) but hopefully as time goes by it will be successful, and in the process benefit not only myself but others around me who need it most. 

The strange thing is that I mentioned the idea to my brother, and he showed me stuff he had been working on and it almost identical.  So it turns out I have a business partner already – but no business….. 

Now I just need to finalise the details, get the support of a few corporates, get …. phew my “To-do List” is beginning to seem endless.  Just as well I like lists!

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Can you spot it?

The “Lucky” and the VW Golf 6 advert – yes, again! 

I am going to post this advert again, but this time watch it closely….  What do you see? 

I was watching it last night on TV (and still love it) when I noticed a slight inconsistency.  Can you spot it?  We have PVR so I was able to rewind and see if I had seen what I thought I saw.  I suppose that is the problem if you watch something over and over. 

I won’t tell just yet, write in the comments if you think you know what it is.  Who knows, there might be more than one, but I only saw one – although I was not specifically looking for flaws.

I also want to say though that I still think this is an amazing ad and story and the work that they do is great and once again, here is the link to the organisation – N/a’an ku sê Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Something new!

I have a new project!  Yipee, something to look forward to and work towards!  I am very excited but don’t really want to go into too much detail until it is further along.  

I knew it before but I really need goals and projects to work towards – something to get excited about! 

I am at the stage that I really enjoy; investigating into all the different scenarios, looking at all the different angles, possibilities and outcomes.  It is fun and I just hope that I can keep the momentum going and that I don’t loose excitement over it. 

But for now I am just going to have to keep you all in suspense.