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I cried – during a TV advert!!!!!!!!

I don’t think I am a very emotional person.  Ok, maybe I am but I have NEVER cried during an advert before.  That was until last night. 

Did anybody see the new VW Golf advert with Lucky the Cheetah?  I was in tears – during an advert!!!  I had to rewind it and show my husband and it had me in tears again!  An advert for goodness sake!!!!  That is just pathetic.

 Just as well that I drive a Golf, even if a very old one, because otherwise I would have to go and buy one.

 I could not find a copy of the advert to post.  But it is very sweet.  The cheetah has lost his leg due to a trap and the catch phrase is “Just because Lucky can not run does not mean she is not a cheetah” and there is a picture of her hanging her head out the car window with the wind blowing on her face.  Ahhhhh!


EDIT:  Ok, I found the video.  Here it is – enjoy.  The new VW Golf 6 advert



Edited again to add:  Here is a link for more information about Lucky, the lodge and how to get involved.  (thanks Mandi)

14 thoughts on “I cried – during a TV advert!!!!!!!!

  1. Sweet ad. I thought it was just an insert on Discovery channel until the tagline came up.
    So yes, sweet.
    But not tear-jerkingly so. Even Mrs 6000 wasn’t lacrimally affected.

  2. It was a real “feel good” ad. I loved it.
    And you didn’t even know it was an ad.
    Looking forward to seeing it again.

  3. 6000 & Mrs 6000 (thanks for visiting), I also did not initially realise it was an advert, I thought it was part of Carte Blanch. I also look forward to seeing it again.

  4. Kirsten – pleasure. It was just released here on Sunday.
    Mandi – It must be awesome to work there. So inspiring but also I would imagine at times pretty heartbreaking.

  5. It made me tear up, too… but then I’ve been known to cry during a McDonald’s commercial, so not real surprising : )

    I am more interested in the woman who runs the animal rescue than what kind of car they were talking about, though!

  6. Yes i agree with you all Marlice van Vuuren is doing a fantastic job with her animals 🙂 And just off the record “Lucky” has always been driving around with Marlice in her Bakkie, a real feel good story ..

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