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I like lists!

I like lists and plans!  Probably why I do so well when training for IM.  I have a plan laid out, I have a goal and I know where I am headed.

At the moment I feel like I need to do the same thing for my life.  Sit down think about things and come up with a plan.  Problem is I first need to come up with the goal.

So what should my goal be?  Maybe there should be more than one goal.  Do I then need more than one list or plan?  Should the goal be something tangible – like a specific sum in my bank account?  Or should it be something intangible – as in “I want to my life to feel like ……”. 

Does anybody else have a “life plan” or goal? If so how did you set it and how do you plan on achieving it?  I seem to be good at setting short term targets, but what about the longer term stuff.  That has kind off baffled me. 

Maybe I should start with a list of things and then work out a plan to complete that list.  Or a visualisation board???

For example

  1. Pay off my house in X number of years
  2. Buy another. 
  3. ………..


I am feeling a bit lost at the moment, but I am assuming it is a post Ironman something or other.  I can’t call it depression or blues because I am still on a high.  But I do feel that I am lacking a bit of focus at the moment.