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A slight snag

So I went home last night with grand intentions of creating a vision board.  And then I hit a slight snag.  I don’t buy magazines, so I don’t have any pictures!  Uhmm, oops.

So I started a list instead, but I got a bit distracted.  Possibly not the best thing to do whilst sitting in front of the TV! 

I did at least start though…..

 Slightly off the topic – UNISA is making me pull my hair out.  Only because they are a correspondence university so to far away for me to pull their hair out.  You would think for an educational institute they might hire slightly more competent people.  I am about to scream!

10 thoughts on “A slight snag

  1. Yup, I had the same problem, but I just found pics online and printed them out! You really need a picture, not just something written down…

  2. You don’t buy mags? Huh? What do you read? Or do u just read books? Or don’t you read?

    I’m a complete Magaholic. In fact i had to set my self a budget at the beginning of this year in order to try and curb what I buy.

    I’ve got a ton and half if you need – you just need to drive up to Stutt from PE, spend a weekend in our cottage and go for a MTB ride with my DH!

  3. Shayne – I LOVE reading! But I just don’t buy mags. Unless it is Food and Home (subscription from my brother) and the odd Runners World. That does not mean if they are lying around that I won’t read them. My Sister in Law buys them so when ever I go and visit I will read hers. It seems I either have to travel to EL or Sutt to read mags LOL.

    I LOVE books but read mostly non fiction. I don’t usually buy that many fiction books because I feel they are so expensive and I read them way to fast (I read VERY fast). Also I get a bit antisocial if I have a book. I do tend to scout the 2nd hand books stores, charity shops or sales and buy a stack there, or borrow from friends.

    At the moment I am re-reading one of my favourite books – Trainspotting. I have read it a number of times.

    I am also have 3 books delivered today, that I bought on line, but they are all non-fiction.

  4. If you try and do your list while you’re watching TV, you’ll probably find some elements of whatever show you’re watching in there.

    1. Pay off bond.
    2. Have kid.
    3. Pop in for a cupp with Oppiekoffie with Charmaine.
    4. Redecorate bedroom.
    etc etc.

    Ha! I just read 1 and 2. Dream on!

  5. 6000 – You think they might be a bit unrealistic? I am more worried about number 2 on the list you created for me.

  6. In the “Fit Pregnancy” magazine you can find pictures of babies 😉

    You can also make your list colourful if you have no pictures. You know, like those speaking balloons in comics. It looks real ok on the fridge’s door.

  7. I had to laugh, because after I wrote that, not only did I have the 3 non fiction books delivered. I also just happened to be passing Exclusive books and saw a Ken Follet book I had not yet read and bought that too. So, today my “library” increased by 4!

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